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The ones that are under my Favorites section are the figures that I want the Most above all else. If you have them and want to sell/trade one that is listed, please let me know.

I Love watching Anime and playing Sports. My figure collection is my Pride and Joy. Although my collection is so tiny compared to others. lol.

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Hi, i saw that you wished for the Limited Edition Rei Ayanami Light Blue maid Version, i'm currently selling a brand new, undamaged and authentic one for 220 USD with free shipping, other stores like plamoya and amazon are selling her for about 240-300 USD with shipping, pm me if interested! Thanks!
SALE #47141
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Hello. I'am still waiting for my money. Why haven't you refunded me yet?

By all means people, this man/guy is a deceiver, I paid for 2 won figures on eBay and he hasn't shipped nor refunded me for the figures, so IF you see that he's selling anything at all, DON'T BUY FROM HIM SINCE HE WON'T SHIP OR REFUND THE MONEY. Nor does he answer my mails anymore either.

With best regards.
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itachi377Have one just like that problem. Will fix once I get Crazy Glue.
Although you don't really notice the twin tail missing. It just looks as if she had a regular ponytail.

Thats true. She looks like she's got one, normal ponytail.
I think that BRS looks great both with one and with two ponytails.

Btw. Sticking that pony was a pretty difficult(for me).
After sticking, i've put a piece of toothpick between hair and cannon in order to sustain that unfortunate ponytail.

/If i made a mistake, sorry 4 bad english/
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itachi377Don't think it's her because the person talked as if she was from the city. Star is from upstate.

Here's the link to the Figure fm post about the possible meet up.


Oh yea I know him. I actually met him last week and we got talking about the meetup. Let me follow up with him to get this party started.
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itachi377Lol, yes you did. The construction was actually pretty easy. The only thing left is to add the star but I'm debating if I should or not.

I see you have multiple Nendos, Nice.

I would leave the star off, to show it was first edition and also factory defect, lol. Glad to hear everything else was okay. I wanted to build a nendo army, but realized at the last moment did not have the space to display all of them so some had to go. Btw the NY person you mention was Starswirl right? I spoke with her before **Hi Starswirl**, but I saw her selling off most of her collection on figurefm.
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itachi377That's a good drive up. lol. Have you gone to the city for a convention or anything figure or anime related?

I haven't yet but I am hoping to be able to go to NYAF this year!
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Found ya, lol. Was going to remove the figure from my collection and saw your name. Let me know how the construction comes along.
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Hey, thanks for tip with Rin.

I was wondering regarding your fate (ITEM #4322)

What would you rate her? She looks decent from scrennies, though I don't really like her support
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itachi377Where in NY are you?
I'm in Manhattan.

I'm upstate, in Pine Bush ^_^
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Hi if you want to sell your action figure about Lina Inverse I'm interested
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Japan Hobby Store


New York City