Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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legrooos3 vuotta sitten#17000336Hi, i just sokd tashigi on ebay, so i only have law, nico and the dragons crown figure left.
i only sell in france cause shipping is really too high for EU, around 30e minimum for one figure..

ok but i bought many figures here from users from france.. and shipping was around 15-20€ with Collisimo ^^
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hello you selling Nico Robin BB Tashigi BB and Law? only in France or in Europe too?
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legrooos3 vuotta sitten#16449902Too bad i sold my nami a month ago.. Maybe you can check mandarake
I had no news from you, did you change your mind?
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Thanks and don't worry, my english too is really bad. :D
Well, if I'd buy your figures I'll need to find a Nami too, if you know how to find her for a right prize I'll be grateful.

legrooos3 vuotta sitten#16442681If you find the price good it must means they sell much higher in after market lol
I don't know about their cotations and dont want to rip off or be a scalper..
So about the figures, they're good as new, i just displayed them in a glass cabinet, tempered light and smoke free environnement.
Theyre official products, i bought them on big in japan
I'll send you pictures tonight after work
Paypal accepted btw, ans sorry for the bad english
Do you have a mail adress, can't upload pics on the site
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legrooos3 vuotta sitten#16441607Hello, thanks for your interest
Shipping will cost around 20e, so for the two figures plus shipping it will be 150e.
I can also include Law IRO for 200e shipping includes.

Wow, a really good price!
Can I ask you some detail about them? Boxes? Original japanese or chinese bootlegs? Mint condition? Payment witch Paypal? And so on... ;)
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Hello, I red you're selling Nico and Tashigi ver.BB, can I ask you costs for both them shipped to Italy? Thanks.
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legrooos5 vuotta sitten#2524617Pas de quoi!
J'ai eu toutes les myths, les exs et j'ai tout revendu à la sortie de la balance..J'ai été écoeuré de la politique de bandai. Et pourtant, j'attends éventuellement les cinq bronzes LOS si le prix n'est pas aussi élevé que les golds LOS
Niveau saint seiya il me reste que les figs de megahouse (si seulement on pouvait avoir les 3 bronzes manquants..)

Ah oui, c'est plutôt radical ! ^^ Moi, j'ai résisté pendant des années, avant de finalement craquer pour les EX... J'ai donc pas encore été dégouté par Bandaï ! ;) En ce moment, je rattrape un peu mon retard. Pour les LOS, j'accroche pas trop (à part le cancer) mais je changerai peut-être d'avis quand j'aurais vu le film ! ;)
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Hello Legrooos, merci d'avoir accepté l'invit! Je vois qu'on est tous les deux fans de Sonico et de bishoujos ;) T'as pas de Myth cloth dans ta collection ?
A bientôt sur SSMD ! :)
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bon anniversaire!
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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