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Lets see.., For introduction, I started watching anime about 7 years ago but just recently started figure collecting. Most figures I owned are characters that leaves me the most impression. I used to live in New Zealand and Beijing for 12 years and now I live in Indonesia. It's hard to collect figures in Indonesia so my figure collecting has slowed down quiet a lot, but I am still trying.

My preference in figurines are nendoroids and pvc only. I love powerful, unique, and cute anime characters like saber, Nanoha casts, or louise. I don't really like figures that are too revealing.

Non anime characters I love would have to be Hatsune Miku which I find very entertaining and unique.

I am now planning to build a good glass cabinet to show off the figures I collected. Although I only have Iphone camera, I love taking their pictures but I have to put them back in the box because I have no place to put them at the moment.

Figures I wish they make are:
- Victorique (Gosick)
- Ren (Erementar Gerad)
- Alicia Valkyrie version (Valkyrie Profile 2)
- Hatsune Miku, Rin, and Luka with different costumes
- Princess Tomoyo (Tsubasa Chronicle)
- Hikaru, Umi, Fu(Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Shana with flame wings (Shakugan no Shana)
- Hinata (Naruto)
- Naoe kanetsugu true samurai form (Hyakka Ryouran)
- Yui fairy version (Sword Art Online)
- Kuroneko School Uniform (Ore no Imouto)
- Dollfie (Victorica, Asuna, etc)

These are just some of my list.


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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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makonasaber6 vuotta sitten#1928392Nice photo shoots

Thank you^^
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1568491Lol, why awkward? Looks like you have a big wishlist. Why didn't you get them back in Japan?, Cheaper and much more options. Next time I go to Japan, I'm getting Yami and cheerful Miku. :)

Yeah I went to Osaka, Japan as a Homestay, we went to a lot of Game Centers (where you can win a lot of Sega figures but they're hard) and me and my Japanese friends took a lot of Purikura too (Japanese photo booth) but I didn't have the room in my suitcase to bring back figures and I definitely didn't want them to get damaged on the way, I traveled a lot around Japan whilst I was there, so buying fragile stuff wasn't on my list of things. I did buy other cool stuff though whilst I was there obviously and I went to the High School. Me and my boyfriend are going to go save up and go in a few years and I can show him around, just to travel and buy figures. So that'll be a big spend and a great time.
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1568432Nice meeting you and welcome to myfigurecollection. Glad to know more people who shares the same interest. :)

Definitely nice meeting you too! I've used MFC for a while but I never thought to make an account, thought I'd be awkward but no I love it. It's great to make friends with people who have the same interests !!
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Hey there, I was wondering where did you get the Phantom Minds Fate from in Singapore and how much did it cost you? The only stores i know are Latendo and those in Chinatown.
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1540279Animachi sells bootleg also. I live in kelapa gading. They also don't take preorders on figurines. I guess the best is still multi. Thanks for replying :)

Ah sorry I didn't know Animachi now sells bootleg.. Well from what I know, some people also complained that they got bootleg items from Multi a few years ago, but now Multi seems more trustworthy than they were in the past.
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1539671Local Stores? I only know Multi. Are there any other ones?

I meant local online sellers ^^
Well if you want to visit physical stores other than Multi, there's Animemachi at Mal Kelapa Gading and Hobby Japan at Mal Ciputra.. Those are smaller than Multi though.. But they sell authentic items. I rarely visit them myself, since I prefer online shopping.
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1539637Hi, Nice meeting you. You have awesome figurines. Where did you get them? I am currently wanting to build a glass cabinet to show off my figurines.

Hello, nice to meet you too!
I usually import my figures straight from Japan, but sometimes I buy them from our local sellers too :3

My dispay cabinet was custom made, so I'm not sure which stores actually sell them.. but some furniture stores might have some cabinets for sale.
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makonasaber7 vuotta sitten#1513543Hi, I see you like Final Fantasy. A new game is coming out at the end of the year I think :)

ooh you mean the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?
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Import from Japan


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