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Hi, my names Cassie! I am quite new to being a figure collector, I have only been doing it for a year ; - ;

I am a cosplayer of 8 years ^ - ^

Watching anime for 11 years ( since I was 5 actually! )

favorite anime show : kyoukai no kanata / beyond the boundary.[color=#]
kyoukai no kanata, madoka magica, k-on , wish upon the pleiades, kill la kill, fullmetal alchemist/ brotherhood, love live school idol project, Miraculous Ladybug, Nagi no asukara, Toradora, Oreimo, Galilei Donna, akb0048, super sonico, love chunibyo
Speak, Percy Jackson, Fairy Tail manga, homestuck
Metal Gear Rising, The Last of Us, five nights at freddys
pastel, lolita, frills, legs ( i'm all about them thighs yo. ), bows, christmas, neko, flowing hair, flowing clothes, ect.
owl city, hatsune miku/ vocaloid, akb48, super sonico,


mochimoo (2 vuotta sitten) #16887371My birthday is tomorrow but, thank you! Ive had such a rough day but your comment just raised me! Thank you! ^ - ^
Oh haha sorry, MFC's notification was early. But I'm glad!! I hope you have a good day the rest of today!!!
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Hi guys~ I'm going to Uwajimiya tomorrow for my birthday, I have $120 to buy a figure, I'm so excited~ A few weeks ago I went and they had 2 figures I wanted, I hope they are still available! Waaahhh! Wish me luck on my figure hunt, heheheh.
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Happy birthday!!
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mochimoo (3 vuotta sitten) #5729340Hello!~ my names Cassie, I'm a fan of your YouTube videos ♡ your such an awesome person and hope I may get to meet you/ talk to you some day ^ - ^
I'm a beginner in figure collecting and you Inspire me to do better and...be better at saving money for figures aha! Thank you xD

Hiya! Sorry for the late reply D: I was busy/traveling a lot recently >.<
Thanks so much for enjoying my videos :D Good luck with all your frugal figure collecting :P
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Hi! Thanks for the FR! ^^
If you need any help regarding Anime/figures feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help. (*^V^*)
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Thanks for the FR ^_^
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mochimoo (3 vuotta sitten) #5104453yeah shes okay c: shes just legally blind now heh.

That's good! cx

And lol, I'm legally blind, too, but naturally.
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mochimoo (3 vuotta sitten) #5069846the movie killed me. I sobbed agh. Especially when her mother left her because, my mom has almost died 2 times, she almost died when I was born actually due to an overdose of medication eh. I hate doctors.

That movie killed me, too! Dx

And that's so sad, about your mom. Doctors can make some pretty terrible mistakes sometimes. But it's good that she's okay now.
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I'm a little late but- welcome to MFC. Cassie!! I hope you have a great time here! *^∀^*
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mochimoo (3 vuotta sitten) #5069821thank you! ^ _ ^
and yes~ knk/ btb is my absolute favorite series, no series would be able to top it unless some kind of completely incredible show pops up.. hehe. Mirai is such a cutie, she also represents me alot in many ways ( in her actions and her fashion in the show, like cardigans and pastel w/ frills and such! )
Im also very emotional as of she is...and the show /crys

I know, right?!! Mirai is just too cute, and the show is amazing.

But the feels.
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