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«my ultimate madoka icon got squished»
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hiiii :) i am orochimaruxsaber and i have a lot of hobbies and i am pretty bad at all of them but that doesnt matter!! i really love good music and poetry and writing.. i think those are the highest art forms imo... probably besides yaoi and yuri
my dream is to be a good musician and storyteller!

p.s. MILLYPARIS is cool AF *w*

Madoka Magica (especially REBELLION), Gintama, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Michiko to Hatchin
Golden Boy manga!!!! Nightwood, Stoner
point and click games are fun
charlie day's voice, kintaro oe
Canon t4i



Your inbox is full again @.@

I can give you my email if that's easier :)
18 päivää sitten
Omg you're the best. Your inbox is full
Also, my car broke down so I'll be sending her tomorrow @.@
21 päivää sitten
Not sure if my messages are sending or not, but thank you so much. I'm super excited :D <3
27 päivää sitten
Omg this is actually really cute ;; ITEM #675659
1 kuukautta sitten
Did you happen to get both Illya and Kuro? I just months later opened my package and realized my Illya is missing and arm and saw your comment about sellings yours so just trying luck here, let me know.
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tachola loves you!!
omg... ITEM #192089 is out of this world cute..tears coming out of my eyes..that shouldnt be allowed to exist...

a nickel allergy?? i have a fur allergy so i can never have any furry pets ;__;

ur mom sounds so cute omg..

i only got $$$ cuz i never ask for specific presents lol!! im saving up for some future prospects n shit, gotta grow up and be responsible~~
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tachola loves you!!
i hope you had a lovely christmas!!! ♥ did you get any new figures?? any new madoka merch?? i'd love to hear!! ♥

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2 kuukautta sitten
tachola loves you!!
HELLO DEAR im so sorry for the late reply ;; i was busy for most of thanksgiving break ;; but now i finally found the time to reply!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DETAILED INFO!! U ARE SUCH A SWEET PERSON THANK U THANK U ;; i will be sure to use mandrake from now on lolol

yesssss i see ZUN as well as touhou in general to be really inspiring...touhou 16 was recently released on steam and i saw a really good review urging people to buy the game "not just to buy touhou 16" but to "show support for the j-indie scene / j-indie developers" and it was so nice...it really is amazing to think about how 1 man's creation spawned an enormous fan community?!?!?!? i luv madoka with all my heart but i've been a touhou fan since elementary school so its just so dear to me i don't think ill ever stop loving it....

don't feel bad for not knowing a lot of the canon and stuff! a lot of touhou fans i have talked to either hate bullet hells or are bad at touhou, yet they still love it to death. there's not that much to touhou speaking canonically so 90% of touhou's charm comes from the fanon / fan community's derivative works... im sure you've heard some of iosys' crazy songs like cirno's perfect math class, chirumiru, marisa stole the precious thing, overdrive, etc.... the fan music is really the thing that keeps people, as well as all those yuri doujins

tbh i dont really know what your boyfriend meant by calling you keine?????????????? uhhh..she appears in touhou 8, imperishable night and she's a were-hakutaku...her ability is being able to manipulate history (don't ask, i don't understand either) and she's a guardian of the human village, the place in gensokyo where all the humans live so they don't get killed by youkai. she's also a school teacher to the human kids, so she's a really cute "mom" figure i guess! i think maybe he was calling you "caring" since she's the only real youkai in the entire series that really really loves and protects humans! so yeah!

yukari is this weird billion year old hag that is one of the sages that "created" gensokyo by installing this huge border which separates it from the outside world (our world). she can manipulate borders and is said to be one of the most powerful entities in gensokyo...but she's really lazy and likes to just watch from the sidelines while everyone loses their minds during incidents. i think why i like her (other than for her amazing character design!) is her really sly and cunning personality? as its stated many times, she can either be a heroine or a villain depending on the situation. i think she's just such an interesting character because she's so unpredictable! you can read more about her (as well as touhou in general!) here en.touhouwiki.n...

OMG OKAY...nozomi is my LOVE...my wife...IL OVE HER SO MUCH !!! i think it's her relationship with all the girls i love the most...like of course i love nozomi as a character (she's so cute and weird lol) but the most fun i have is when she interacts with the rest of muse!! shes always caring about everyone in this "big sister" kind of way, and i have a soft spot for "older sibling" type characters...................also her and eli are dating and no one can tell me otherwise...... BUT YEAH!!! to sum it up i think she's just a darling, caring angel that is so wonderful and always makes everyone feel relaxed and happy.......i luv her...

is idolmaster worth getting into??? im scared by the horror tale you alluded to with the whole overcharge thing on ur phone but im tempted......................the girls are so cute....fuck
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