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I love PVC figures and action figures, I love dolls, I also love mech-techs and weapons. I live my quiet life with these hobbies surround me. Im a collector with loves ・ω・


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piuloc5 vuotta sitten#2626361naisor... I have seen and had the remake of other 2 AGP, Cecilia and Laura from IS.. DO you think they would remake Yamato too? The first sale doesnt seem very possitive on general feedbacks.
Without having played Kantai Collection myself, I believe there're two versions of Yamato and the one we received is called the "kai" version. The only difference some color scheme changes (very subtle changes), and maybe that could procure a re-release under the "other" version.

Cecilia and Laura (and next is Charlotte coming) where variations presented in the Climax of the first Season anime of IS; besides their armament variations (and some tweaks on Cecilia's base-body figure), the releases are mostly the same as the originals. Of course, I own them all (with doubles and triples even) because I'm a sucker for IS. XD

As for Yamato's release...I know that many bad reviews might look like we're dealing with a financial Titanic; but, to be honest, I believe this was actually a success for Bandai. Here is how:

Kantai Collection is a property of Kadokawa which is currently selling licenses for merchandising. The huge popularity of the property lets them easily decide any price they want currently because people will buy the stuff for sure. In Japan, these licenses are usually not manage by "series" but by "character" and usually the terms are that some character cost more than others and the license only grants a fix amount of items to sell from the grantee.

Yamato is one of the most popular Kanmusume's from the series (a a kind of national treasure considering the real warship she's based on) so it is obvious that Kadokawa is going to ask for her weight in gold (the warship's weight that is) for whoever wants a license. So, if you're going to pay that much for the license, your product must be good and sell well; or, you could find another way around.

If you sell a really large amount, say 100,000, you'd be able to split the Capital and Variable cost over a large number items, thus making them cheaper to buy and retaining good profit. However, if you don't sell those, you'll loose big time.

But, if instead you sell a small amount, say 10,000, you'd have to increase the price to compensate the cost and make profit. Thus, the reason why AGP Yamato cost around 12,000yen (and the reason why Max Factory scale is so expensive too). Bandai was forecasting low sales, so they made a small production. This is easily seen by the sold-out status she got almost immediately after pre-orders open. You sold all of them, every goes to profit; success. And, they kind of following the same strategy with their other releases.

Takao (Atago's sister) is going to be an exclusive, and pre-orders seem to have exceed expectations as they announce two different batches due to overwhelming pre-order response.
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piuloc5 vuotta sitten#2620658Sound fun :D He is more defensive than I thought. At least he cares for what folks comments on his clips. Anyhow, I wonder if you are kind of a supporter or so since I saw you everywhere and even answer peoples comments.. how kind you are :) !!!
Well, I usually enjoy figures; regardless of their flaws, if I like something I try to look at the good points in it; not disregarding the bad points, but don't actually being bothered by them either.

Mind you, I'm only human; I have things I really don't like, but I try to understand that others might like them.

It try to comment whenever I can. I have lived in Japan for three years, I have been there several times (last time this past summer); so, I can tell a thing or two about Japan, its people and its popular media.

I enjoy the hobby, but I don't enjoy people adding a bad culture to the hobby.
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piuloc5 vuotta sitten#2620606For real? I guess I brought you some trouble, my apologizes! Just to be clear, was that the guy who made video on reviewing AGP? He really went that far? My curiosity would ask what did he say to you?
Nah, what could he bring? His sudden reaction and even longer post that was alerted by a MOD just proves we're dealing with a person that only wants to grab attention; so, I don't think it's worth it. Don't worry.
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So, I received some comments from an offended reviewer on AGP Yamato's page. It really seemed like a transcription of the Code of Hammurabi upload.wikimedi... to me, and I got bored just by the first sentence, so I'm just going to assume he was apologizing for making such an awful review and he will try to do better next time. : )
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You never add me on skype :'(
Andd i just order Kos-Mos and 2 Vulcan guns. My wallet feels light now haha.
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Happy Birthday Piuloc
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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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Hello, thank you for the Friend Request ^^
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Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.
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