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hey sorry, i see your inbox is full. are you still selling your bubblehead nurse figmas?
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Hello, are you still selling your good smile Homura?
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Please send me photos of your Lien when you can ^^
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Okay! Yes I was referring to this one. Too bad for me. :p
skullkid4 vuotta sitten#9686966Sorry, "Sakura one"? If you're referring to the cardcaptor figure, it's already been sold.
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Hello, is it you who is selling the Sakura one?
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Looks like your inbox is full, so:


I am ready to make my second payment (originally set at $350). I am also willing to pay for Nina at $130 additional, which is your asking price, but on top of that, I would like ITEM #322459, ITEM #322453, embed.gyazo.com..., embed.gyazo.com..., ITEM #301506
white cat hat embed.gyazo.com...
second, last, and second to last socks in the first row embed.gyazo.com...
and black flats embed.gyazo.com...
and the wax for $120 to round it out to $600. (Not familiar with used clothes market, but for the ones in the database I just took about 30% off price, and gave similar estimates for the rest).

This will be made in one payment, when I see your reply. If anything is sold out, we can adjust.

Thanks for your patience,
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skullkid4 vuotta sitten#7553959I can see you're actively trying to purchase other stuff while ignoring my PMs/emails, and comments on your profile. I NEED to know if you still want those Azones you asked me to hold for you. If I don't receive a response from you by Wednesday the 23rd I'll be selling them to someone else.

I'm so sorry! I haven't gotten to clear my inbox and I've had a really busy week lately. My mother's sick so I had to visit home several times, I had a series of grueling exams, and I had to work extra hours at my part time job so I can take off for con next week. I really didn't mean to do ignore you on purpose (in fact, I haven't responded to a whole ton of other messages-or even read them). Preorders that I've missed out on due to my unfortunate circumstances currently take priority, so I was checking item pages (read: not messages). The email to my paypal account isn't my primary email (when I signed up a long time ago, I didn't have my primary email yet, never bothered to switch.) Of course I still want the Azones- I planned to pay you in a few days (A month from my last payment date, remember?) In fact, I was saving up to add Nina, the wax, and very likely Minami sensei's clothing and another dress to the mix.

I honestly never back out when I agree on something. :-)
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Would you trade for CCS cardcaptor angel egg fig I really want her CCS was my 1st anime... would mean alot definitely cannot afford...
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skullkid4 vuotta sitten#3672099thanks for the invite!

No prob ^^. Always nice to get another fan joining.
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Lady-Megatron4 vuotta sitten#3672000Thanks for joining the Souls club!

thanks for the invite!
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica, Berserk, Hōzuki no Reitetsu
Dark Souls, Silent Hill, Pokemon