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I was collecting anime wallpaper for awhile when I discovered the manga section at the bookstore. I read manga for several years. I rarely bought figures in local stores.

When someone gave me the episodes of Bleach & Naruto off a hard drive I discovered anime in its pure form. With decent acting, not at all like what was seen on American televisions.

I plowed through Bleach I vaguely wondered what I would do when I got to the end not really aware that it was an ongoing series when I saw a fansub website url at the end of the OP.

Within months I was watching everything in sight through nearly all means when I discovered Shuffle!. I thought that the heroine, Shigure Asa, needed a happy ending. Before I realized it, I had a 2d love for the first time. It was also through Shuffle! I discovered eroge and its connection with anime.

It was while searching for eroge that I discovered figurine websites and the irresistible pull of the otaku culture........

^Or so I wrote in my youth.

But, as I sat meditating on my inner geek, I realized my dad basically laid the groundwork. He introduced me to the Marvel comics he grew up with, by watching those 'popular' cartoons from the early nineties.
It took me some time before I realized I had gotten my absolute earliest introduction to Japanese entertainment at a baby sitter's house first. Who's brother let us play his NES, when Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunter's were 'state of the art' in home entertainment.
Before I was old enough to know I was in love, a girl introduced me to anime with Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as Star Wars. We would role play and 'dress up' as our characters, (childhood cosplay?).

From then until standing for several hours at a time in the local department store playing Banjo-Tooie on the N64 and Rouge Squadron on the GameCube with, my dad again. The clerks assumed we were brothers, and not father and son. I guess you can say, like most folks in the dead center of this continent like to say that, “I was, born, bred, and raised", in a certain place. But, it always feels like a galaxy, far, faaar, away.... To me!



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I am interested
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Happy Birthday !! :D
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slesreth8 vuotta sitten#2147365♪Happy(。´_●`)ノ┌iiii┐ヾ(´○_`*)Birthday♪

Belated thank you <3!!!
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slesreth9 vuotta sitten#1663470m(^_^)mアリガト
Thank you very much!
I wish mfc would send us notifications that we got comments on our birthdays!

You're welcome :D! I think I have it turned on to where MFC sends me emails when I get any comments on my profile.
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Happy Birthday! ^^~
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slesreth9 vuotta sitten#1300195
Happy New Year! Hope celebration Canaan and Alphard put on wasn't dangerous!

thx,happy 2013,no because Aphard still have job to do,so I celebrate with canaan and maria only.
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slesreth9 vuotta sitten#1300200
Happy New Year! Hope it surpasses the last!

Thank you! I hope 2013 will be a kickass year for you! :D
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maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
slesreth9 vuotta sitten#1300208
Happy New Year! Doubling the collection is the new resolution of the year! Keep it well!

Happy new year!! sorry im late XD , and while I would like to do that I thinl I will need to reduce the collection since im running out of room , that or double the room's size !! XD

hope you get your collection much bigger this year!! ^^
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slesreth Ronin

Happy New Years everyone!!

Hoping it goes well for great personal reasons!

I got into a car accident that left me in a hospital bed for 3 weeks, worst injury was a traumatic brain injury class 2. The whole incident put me out of work so my collecting is at a stand still until further notice. Which is horrid since I was greatly interested in getting what I had ordered. Will be moving the whole list to my wishlist so I can make best at any future efforts to get them.

Enough moaning from me! Hope everyone's year goes well!

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Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com


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