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I mainly collected anime, manga, and Gundam models. I would get figures sporadically, but one night I had too much time on my hands and decided it was time to collect them in earnest. I'm more of a fan of the scaled, fixed pose figures, though I have recently started to buy and order nendoroids and figma. I respect anyone who can keep this up because it can get really expensive!


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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Hey dood! How goes it? I hope you had a great weekend like me at Otakon! Ha ha!

Sorry we didn't get a real chance to meet up. I'm sure we both had very full weekends. Someday I'm sure we'll get another chance. My group will probably wanna do Otakon again the next couple years at least.

Getting into the Oreimo 2 premiere was nuts! I loved it though! I won't go into much details til later if you want.

I also picked up the Miyako nendoroid. So adorable! Miyako is my favorite character in Hidamari Sketch. That was the only fig though there were a few almosts. Other then that I just added another big stack of dvds to my collection, ha ha!

I also enjoyed a few videorooms of shows that I'll have to pick up soon. Like Haganai, after 4 episodes I was thoroughly enjoying that show!

See ya around!
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solidslapper7 vuotta sitten#1655941Hey how's it going? I know I'm contacting you at the last minute given how close we are to the convention. My schedule is pretty full, so I wanted to see if there was anything we were both attending and we could meet up that way. The Dealer's Room may be the best spot to meet if you were planning on checking that out. That way we won't have to list and compare everything we plan on attending.

Hiya! No worries! I know the schedule has only been up a few days and the site was down for alittle while. My week has been a bit hectic too. Riht before my vacation I'm working overnight shifts a few days to help out with my store's remodel. lol

I'm not 100% sure on the fan panels I'm attending as the site doesn't seem to have descriptions so you're really just going on the name if you havent been to one before.

My friday is gonna be pretty busy I'm doing Sentai's panel first thing in the morning. There's a Robotech panel and hour an a half later so even if I do that I'll still have about an hour of gap time between them so that's a possibility.

Then there's the Oreimo 2 premiere in the afternoon which I'm definitely doing and depending how that goes I'd like to try to do Friday's AMVs. If it doesn't look like I can do it (which is possibile with how busy they might be since its the first showing) that'll free me up for awhile. The rest of Friday night I'll be open to ideas unless the program guide makes any of the panels sound very interesting. There's a few I'm mildy curious about friday night, (Like Mystery Anime Theater 3000) but I just don't know enough about most of them.

So as far as Friday goes I'd be free around 11am for a bit and also probably pretty flexible after 7pm (maybe even 5pm if I don't do AMVs)

I'll give Saturday and Sunday a bigger overview and get back to you later tonight or tomorrow morning for sure.

If you want we can exchange cell phone numbers in a PM so we can TXT or something to make meeting up easier as well. Let me know what you think about Friday and I'll give you more info for my Saturday soon.

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solidslapper7 vuotta sitten#1590991If you could see my den now, it just looks like I don't care anymore. I do, but I'm just at a total loss as to where to place things. I think I should just clean up a little, and adopt a similar attitude as yours towards the whole thing.
Otakon looks like its going to be a really good time. I had my best Otakon in years last year, but this year looks to be in another league. I'm very interested in the musical guests, TMR in particular. My first convention was Otakon '03 where TMR was a guest. I was kind of wandering around in a daze and missed the opportunity to go. It is something I have regretted for 10 years, but now I have a second chance, and I'm not missing out this time. The Kanno/Ishikawa concert is pretty much a lock for me as well. Ugh, with as much going on as it seems, it looks like I will have to make some difficult decisions as it relates to the schedule.
I want to go to the Oreimo premiere, so I hope it doesn't run into a bunch of other things I want to go to. I don't think you are over-thinking the pairing wars on that one; it seems pretty heated lol. Well, anyway, when the schedule is released I guess we can see if its possible to meet up. I'll give you a buzz when they release the schedule.

ha wow, My first con was Anime Boston 2005 and I had a similar experience. I guess I'm not the only one that looks back on things like this. At AB 05 Yoko Ishida was their and performed and we did not end up going. I mostly wandered around the halls and the dealer's room and poked my head into a few video rooms. The whole con experience the first time was a bit overwhelming!

I never worried about missing out on it too much though. From my perspective I probably would've enjoyed it, but back then I was a lot less experienced and probably wouldn't haven gotten to fully appreciate it like I could now. Back then all I really knew of her was the Pretear opening.

I've never been much of a concert person to begin with but I wanna try out a few here cause I'm sure I'll enjoy these ones.
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solidslapper7 vuotta sitten#1588062Oh crap, I'm so sorry I just now read your comment LOL. I haven't really been paying much attention to the bottom half of my profile screen. I usually just log in to add things I've bought. I keep saying I've run out of space and I really mean it this time. I've tried to cut back on the amount of things I've purchased lately until I move so my visits to the site have not been as frequent.
I'm glad I got to see the collection. Awesome stuff.
I really hope you are able to show up to Otakon this year. Let me know and maybe we can hang out for a little bit if our schedules permit.

Hey! No worries!

Yeah, space is always a challenge with these types of collecting hobbies. Right now a lot of my stuff is still sitting around in boxes. ha ha. I still don't have room for it and I've decided to just not worry about it for now. I'm focusing more-so on watching my anime and playing my games rather then how I'm currently presenting them.

So yeah in the past couple weeks I have decided to go to Otakon this year. I'm not gonna have any real spending money to speak of this time but this roster of guests and events was too ridiculous and awesome to pass up! Each week it continues to grow too! It's highly likely that this could be the best con I'll ever go to. So I'll be busy enough to not have to cry over missing big dealer's room stuff.

Saw the other day they'll be doing the world premiere of the anime finale to Oreimo with the original creator and director. I think I'll go but it could get a bit awkward sitting in a room with over 1000 other people who all have mixed feelings about how it could end. ha ha!

Though I've finished the TV airing of season 2, I've managed to not spoil the light novel ending for myself yet so I'm still in the dark about the real ending and would like to keep it that way till I've completed the anime. I can only imagine the Kuroneko VS Kirino crowd though.... Maybe I'm over thinking it?

Ha ha, the only way this could get any more awesome though is if they somehow got Ayana Taketatsu and Kana Hana to go too. I wouldn't miss that for the world!

But yeah between that and all these other guests I had to go. My party is very excited for the music guests too. Yoko Kanno and TM Revolution. I know them both but am not too familiar with a majority of their works but like what I have heard. Chiaki Ishikawa is great too. I was not a big fan of Kamisama Dolls but it had my favorite OP and ED songs of it's season. I like her older .hack stuff as See-Saw too.

Heh, I'm starting to go off on a tangent here but to conclude I'm getting rather excited.

If our schedules aren't too crazy though, I would be up for to meeting up with you if you'd like.

Sorry for the big blob of text. Once I get rolling I can be chatter box. Ha ha, feel free to comment on anything I've babbled about.

We can figure out meetup plans/con details as we get closer to August.
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Congratuations ^^. Have a great day.
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Hey man! How's it going? It's been awhile.

I took new reference pics for myself today of my anime collection and decided to upload them. I thought I'd let you know since I remember you being interested in seeing what I've added.

These new shots represent about 3 years worth of additions.
Man it's been ages since I've taken pictures!

This year I'm hoping to go to Otakon. I loved it in 2010. I need to take a look at my available cash the next couple weeks but I think I'm going to be able to. My usual party leader is already making his own preparations.

It's just gonna be a bit tight as I just had car work done and we had Anime Boston a couple weeks ago. AB was great this year. I had a very full weekend. Sentai Filmworks also announced the acquisition of all the Di Gi Charat specials we never got in America along with the rescue of the original series from Sync-point and Winter Garden too. That was awesome, I love the Di Gi Charat series! Also grabbed myself 3-4 new figs.

Also split one of those ASCII 20th anniversary box sets with my buddies. I love the variety in that set. ha ha!

Anyway see ya around dood! Hope all is well with you.
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solidslapper8 vuotta sitten#1064698Yeah, I went to (my 10th) Otakon. I'm not that far away from the location, but I still opt to get a hotel room or two with my friends. Shame you weren't able to be there, but I hope you can make it next year.

lol yeah! My buddies and I get the hotel for Anime Boston each year and that's our convention closer to home. I've been attending that one since 2005 (so 8 of those. heh heh...)

They're fun but I don't think I like them as much as I used to. I always enjoy the industry panels, AMVs, a couple fan panels related to my tastes if they are run well and of course the shopping and spending a weekend with your friends. I'm not one for mingling with other people I don't know though. So the social aspect isn't really part of my experience. Though I do like the opportunities to meet people I've gotten to know online.

I'll probably always keep doing Anime Boston and perhaps 1 other con a year when my finances allow it. I'm sure I'll do Otakon again at some point. If my buddies want to do it again next year I'll make more of an effort to go. This year I've just had all kinds of financial problems that I'm hoping will be remedied by this winter.
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solidslapper8 vuotta sitten#1058221Happy belated birthday! I was attending a convention, so I apologize for not being able to wish you a happy birthday on that very day.

No prob, Thank you!

Were you down at Otakon? I was thinking about going this year but didn't have enough cash to make it worthwhile. I went in 2010. A few of my buddies went this year. Regardless of what con it was, I hope you enjoyed yourself! One of the best parts of cons is settling back in at home with your booty.
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solidslapper8 vuotta sitten#991336Thanks for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.

I can't wait to get Inami. I agree that she really goes grow on you after a bit. I'll be looking for NISA to make some sort of announcement regarding that second season soon. It seems that season 1 did well for them, so here's hoping...

I still haven't gotten any pictures up myself, but in my case I've been too lazy. I actually had it set up quite nice, but I've since junked it up again. If space has become an issue, have you thought about possibly getting a few wall shelves? I got some not too long ago, and its worked out pretty well for my figures. With some bookends it could work with DVDs as well.

Anyway, thanks again. I'm still looking forward to some pics! Later!

No prob! Yeah I know all about the laziness issue! heh, story of my life. However I'm sure you'll eventually get one of those motivated days where you really wanna set something up or what have you. They coem time and again.

Wall shelves are nice. Especially for figures! My cousin sets his dvds and figures up that way and it looks pretty good. For dvds I personally prefer bookcases with exterior walls. As far as setting up wall shelving here I don't think I'll be doing anything like that. I'm staying with a relative and don't want to start messing around with the walls and such in here. Even if it was considerable a large portion of the room is slanted anyway.

So any thoughts on the current anime season? If not what have you watched recently? I'm following Acchi Kocchi, Mysterious Girlfriend X and Nyaruko-san! Another Crawling Chaos. All are enjoyable so far but nothing amazing IMO. I plan to finish the 2nd half of Fate/Zero with my bro when its done airing. We're just gonna marathon it like we did the first half. Show is awesome!
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mainly manga in terms of fiction
various FPS (especially Halo), fighting games, and RPGs, may or may not dabble in eroge
Classic and Hard Rock, 80s and 90s Hip-Hop/Rap, J-Pop




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