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I can't believe I managed to snag this username
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yo my name's [REDACTED] and i like video games. please add me as a friend so we can share our passion for plastic miniaturised anime girls. thank you. follow me on ig @frogstyle1



Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day, even with the weird current situation of the world!
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Sorry for being so late!

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happy birthday !!!!
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No problem! I hope you had an awesome day with good cake and gifts! :D
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oh word thank u i'll def try to check those out! i once played taiko no tatsujin at an arcade in seattle and that same arcade had pop'n but i missed it and didnt know until we left the state OTL i've yet to actually play pop'n ahaha but it is my goal to play more rhythm games so tyvm!!
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aaa thank you sm! also what r some good rhythm games? i only know rhythm heaven and pop'n but i wanna get into more (esp ones with cute charas!)
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I forgot the price of mine, but I remember being positively surprised too! She seems pretty rare to find, but doesn't go for high prices. I wonder why, because the design is so crazy cute!

Ah yes, if you go to our comic cons, you will only see Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Pokémon etc. , for more 'niche' anime you have to visit actual anime conventions. And ah yes, maid café's have been a long-time thing here! I remember them already being at the first con I ever went to which was...15 years ago or so? We have so much of them nowadays that they are in pretty heavy competition with eachother and all made different niche's (french maid, cosplay maid, idol maids etc.). I do have to admit here that I am not a huge fan of our local maid café's, the price/quality ratio is pretty bad. :/ They do have been improving lately, but I have seen a lot of them selling generic supermarket items for like 15-20x the price of the supermarket thing. :/

For many years I used those foldable mats until I had enough space in a new place to have a big dance plate. But even then for many years I had to lift it in- and out of place, which was pretty demotivating. >.< So only since we bought our house we still currently live in (about 2 years ago), I have a spot where it can always lie down and it super-duper-helps with motivation to keep up training! But yeah, took us a long road to get there as both me and my husband have been playing it for 15+ years... :P

And whew, that's a hard one! We're huge fans of Futuremax (our plate is one of those too), but they stopped making equipment about 5 years ago, so you would have to look into a secondhand or refurbished one. If you can get one: their quality is insane! Like arcade-hall quality! Ours is 10+ years old and we never had to do any repairs to it, it has moved homes 4 times now, gets used almost daily and except for some missing paint, works perfectly. :) They are expensive, but you're guaranteed quality. ;) And if you don't go for a PC one, but one for the console games, mostly you are limited to whatever (mostly soft)pad the game works together with. But I do know some PS2/3/4 games can work with USB and a hard pad from other brands, but you would have to look into specific games if they can run that (I'm also not sure about the Dreamcast though). Anyway, good luck with finding one, I hope you have as much fun as us! :)
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Oh wow, that is such a good price! I also got quite a deal on Komugi (don't know the exact price right now), but that was because I could pick her up in person. About that convention, that specific one was a very good year, as other editions where I went there was a lot less interesting stuff to do. A lot of cons in my own country and neighbouring countries always have the same schedule, so it depends on the guests if it's going to be something special. I was immensely surprised when Watanabe Akio was there! I felt a bit sad that a lot of other people did not know him or cared about him, though. :'( I also went to a con in one of the neighbouring countries for it, where the anime scene is a lot bigger. Here in the Netherlands (were I live), anime conventions of varying sizes have always been a thing, but are a joke compared to the big commercial comic cons where anime is also a 'side thing'. I'm going to visit a comic con this weekend and I'm curious what amount of Japan pop culture I will see (it has been many years since I visited one, I mainly stick to anime conventions).

Ah! Music packs are the packages with music/videos/steps that you insert into the DDR game(s) you play, for example Stepmania. :) Most arcade machines have one specific name (which is their full music pack), where the machine is named after (for example 'In the Groove' and names like that). Maybe you have a specific favorite from your friends' or arcade?

I would personally recommend to get a dancing pad for PC/Mac, because it gives you a lot more possibilities with songs, but there are also a bunch of nice ones for the Playstation. Which Playstation do you have, 2, 3 or 4? Maybe I can throw you some recommendations. :)
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Hehe, where did you get yours? Were you also at a convention where it was sold or did you manage to snag it from a Japanese store/auction?

Great! :D So, what are your favorite music packs? :D
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