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xkirax (9 kuukautta sitten) #21711511So you got her! Is she as astonishing and pretty in real than in pictures? ^^
Yes. It is. It is my holy grail. With my Kakashi gecco fourth war ninja. I will upload some pic this weekend.
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xkirax (9 kuukautta sitten) #21569874Clearly, there are some priorities ^^ To find the HQS one was really the most important, indeed! *-*
Hahahaha, yes, it's. I'm expecting the postman, maybe in 2 days it will have arrived. I'm so happy.
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xkirax (9 kuukautta sitten) #21557252Wow, I just saw you finally found Sakura HQS! Congratulations!! You must be happy ^^
Yes! I found it.
Finally, I will not buy Sasuke and Naruto Remix (at least by now), but the ocasión deserved it.
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xkirax (10 kuukautta sitten) #20951221Thanks for the FR ^^ Let me know when you'll order your G.E.M remix, I'm still hoping you'll find them at the price you expected.

Thanks! I will ask it in the shop in my city, if they get them, I will not need to pay for the shipping. NY is my second option. I hope tomorrow I could know about it.
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #19072267I already feared the case "after all we're not able to take orders for this product" or that kind of situation haha
At least it wasn't near of the actual release, so I would have ordered somewhere else but still... I feel like I'm stressing to much...
Thanks for being that kind and patient~

No worries at all, happy to talk =)
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #19059837Sorry.. I mean the product page is no longer accessible. When I search for Lavi or Megahouse figures, the one I ordered isn't showing up.. but my preorder is still accessible from my account. For already released products, they only use "out of stock" when they doesn't have these products anymore, so I was wondering if it was the same for preorders or not.

That's nothing abnormal :) a lot of retailers make specific page only available to be seen with a direct link so customers that already purchased it/pre-ordered can see it while a normal search necessarily can't. In short yes it is normal.
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #19041348Sorry for annoying you once more.. but is it normal the figure I preordered from Nippon Yasan is now invisible? I think the fact that this figure is exclusive limits the amount of preorders possible (even more on global website), but I'm still stressing a little bit suddenly haha

Invisible? :)
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #18968090In that case it's ok, I read the terms and conditions and paypal is still an unknown thing for me, I prefer to use my card. Even if I know their policy of no-cancellations is equal no matter if you used to pay by paypal or by your credit card...
Thanks for your explanations about Amiami and shipping.. to be honest, customs things are still unfamiliar to me, as for the moment I've neved had to pay extra for customs charge... I'll keep that in mind for Amiami ^^
Hum, I understand the fact that people usually only post feedbacks when they encounter problems... that's why it's hard to judge when you're wondering where to buy or not. But I can imagine that all shops may have a problem at one time...
I feel bad for you and your Sasuke case.. sometimes solutions offered seem to be too much complicated, I see. I hope everything was ok for the second one at least.

Yeah pretty much, every retailer has its ups and downs and people think that the customer service is either bad or worse dependent on whom they might be speaking to. Pretty much like every company that offers customer service.

If you aren't getting hit with customs, it's great :) I'm not really familiar with the French border, but UK is pretty strict.

My new Sasuke was perfect, so I'm happy I wasn't unlucky twice in a row. It was the first time that I've ever had a problem with any MegaHouse product.
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #18952833Yeah, I understand ^^ After a long wait, few weeks doesn't really matter..if it's justified at least..
Thanks for the information, I chose to pay today but I'll keep that in mind if I need to postpone a payment in a future order.
In fact, I'm really new to this hobby.. I've bought my first one only in september last year haha that's why I'm still not really accustomed to japanese websites... The one that allure me the most is Amiami but in that case, I couldn't use it as Lavi is an exclusive. I was tempted by this shop not really for faster shipping but a little bit lower prices than my usual french shop/retailer (he usually get figures really fast, but few euros more.. as for my ANBU Itachi) More, most of my figures are from Tsume and as I live in the northeast of France, near of Luxembourg, getting these figures was pretty easy and fast directly from their own online shop. That's why japanese websites/shops were still vague to me,
I feared above all some booklets or damaged products, but since you never had any issue I think I can be more trustful, so thanks again for your advices ^^

No need to apologies, you are doing fine! Always fun to get your first :)

The basics things are of course to read the terms and conditions as well as FAQ's. Paying with PayPal is a good protection, but bear in mind that PayPal claims can/most likely will get you banned from Japanese retailers. They also normally don't accept cancellations which also can lead to a ban as they expect you to honor your purchase/pre-order.

I have used AmiAmi quite a bit but I always get a customs charge from them since they don't mark down, which is technically illegal. But Big in Japan and Nippon-Yasan marks down upon request and most of the time I skip customs thanks to that. It's a gamble of course, since the marked value is the only insured amount, but that's also another reason as to why I pay for EMS shipping to decrease the chances of it getting lost (not had one lost so far /touch wood).

I have personally not seen evidence of bootlegs from NY, I heard when I started buying from them that they have had 1 incident which was talked about a lot which I can understand.

More often than not, people post feedback when they are unhappy. I have not left many reviews at all in the last year due to the fact that all my shipments have gone smoothly and it's nothing abnormal.

I'm not saying of course that it doesn't happen, but a lot of the time when I've seen people complain about NY for instance, or even AmiAmi, the fault has been with the customer and they've deleted their post when someone has pointed it out for him/her.

Shit can happen, from any retailer. You can get unlucky. When I got my Uchiha Sasuke from Boruto from Big in Japan he came with a big paint mark along his arm. I spoke to BiJ and they couldn't do anything about it other than trying to send it back to see if the shop they purchased from would consider it a fault in the first place and then just maybe get it replaced. Which means that I would have had to pay for shipping back and forth as well as a potential customs charge to get the replacement back, if they replaced it. So I bought a new Sasuke as it was less of a hassle.
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xkirax (1 vuotta sitten) #18952628Thanks a lot for your quick answer, that's really nice ^^
Now I understand the recent complaints I heard about NY better, it's not a big deal then.
I followed your advice and tried NY, now I'll just have to wait until August...
Thanks to you I know these shops can be my back up solutions when figures are exclusive, so I'm grateful, also for your amiability. ^^

No worries at all :) For me it isn't that big deal with a couple of weeks at least.

If you chose Pay Later, bear in mind that about 1-2 weeks before the release of the figure, you will get an email of NY requesting the payment. Just watch out so it's not in the spam folder or you could check on your account so now and again before the release if it's awaiting payment in the order history.

Most of the time I import from Japan instead of waiting for the retailers here since it works out about the same with the UK customs charges and we get the figures faster from Japan as the retailers normally take 2-3 months to get their imported stock.
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