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hi ! Selling my Namae no Nai Onna if you're interested ;)
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This is totally random but, can you rate this picture as 5 stars and make a comment, and even favorite it perhaps?
:3 Just something fun I'd like to do for a friend.
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fama226 Micronize me
yesisayit is indeed, as you've probably guessed muramasa is my fav character. hopefully the game might get a english release next year if sumaga sells well

Your hope is shared by myself, were you able to actually finish the game? As for me I made it up to the dissecting point where you have to choose between Kaede or Ichijou, and then the game unfortunately crashed and I haven't touched it since. I downloaded the original Raw and had to translate every single sentence from scratch, no easy feat especially with the olden way most of the characters talk. That avatar of yours looks sort of familiar though, is that when you follow the true hero path or is that when you go through Chachamaru's side arc and leave her to become Kotetsu? If its the latter then, as much as I like Chachamaru I'd still be tinged by guilt for making Sandaime cry.
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fama226 Micronize me
Is that A Muramasa Avatar I see? Sokou Akki Muramasa fans are a rare breed indeed, Its good to see someone else here on the board who knows about that magnificent game. I myself like Chachamaru, the best Liger that ever lived.
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
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yesisayi think yukari will probably be next due to being perfect cherry blossom extra boss followed by suika because of immaterial and missing power

I want them to come out but in a way I don't (cause my wallet will get raped T.T)
I'd like to see Suwako get a nendoroid, mainly because I'd just like the hat XD
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yesisayyeah i dont really like sanae or cirno so i dont plan to buy them. really hope they make a proper suika nendoroid cause i dont like petits and shes my fav character
Cirno ;__;
I'm not too fussed about Sanae, I'd only buy her if I had all the others and money to spare (which I don't >3>).
Same, I hope they plan on making her and Yukari~
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*0* You have most of the Touhou nendoroids <3
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Live better. Play more!


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