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figures and music all day
Samurai Champloo, The Walking Dead
Osu, Guild Wars
indie, hiphop, neo-soul, r&b, electronica, wave, jazz, alt, plaid, etc etc etc



I'll definitely get into it then. Lelouch sounds like a character that I would end up liking a lot (like Light, my problem child smh).

I'm super glad to hear that the ending of Champloo is good even though I didn't watch it yet. Saves me the stress of wondering if it's gonna be a half ass ending *cough* Naruto *cough*

I love NaruGaa!! Such a wholesome ship <3 Probably my fav ship involving Naurto tbh. SasuNaru is really good too though (other than the fact that he's a complete dick for 95% of the series but what can you do).

Yeah, SS is disgusting.. That's pretty spot on lmaoo. Honestly though, it's not hard to see that Sakura just kept pestering him about it which is why he just...gave in lol. I hate him, but it sucks to see him victim to a loveless marriage. Like cmon Kishi, both Sasuke and Naruto ended up w/ people they had no chemistry with just so he could milk the series by tenfold. Wonder how many episodes Boruto is gonna be...
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Yeah, Chapter 698-699 is where it all should've ended tbh. I was disgusted that the plot and the character development all went straight out the window just to have the characters get married to the worst possible people they could've ended up with. Negative rant abt the ending under spoiler -> View spoilerHide spoilerThe only canon ship that I remotely like is ShikaTema (some actual relationship development) and InoSai (not too big a fan of it, but it wasn't completely forced like NaruHina and even worse, SasuSaku. I'm the biggest anti you will ever meet for those ships and have written multiple things as to why they should've never happened -.- There's SO MUCH PROOF of why both ships are mounted on a pile of shit and I will be against it as long as I'm in the fandom. On another note, I'm really happy that Kishi spared Gaara, Kakashi, and Orochimaru from all this marriage ridiculousness just for the sake of continuing the series (I mean, Oro has a kid, but not in the normal way XD) Oro's kid is literally the only reason why I'm remotely interested in Boruto). Naruto: The Last was a pile of garbage too, but I'll stop my rant now before I get too mad lol. It's ridiculous, and I can and will keep talking about it for as long as I'm alive.

I hope you can find the time to finish it! It's not too hard to skip the fillers (And some of them are actually good!) so you can get through it easier.

That's cool! I really want to get into Code Geass as I always see the main char (Lelouch?) get compared to Light and it looks awesome. I just don't know where to start with the series lol. Samurai Champloo looks awesome! Will have to add it to my watch list..

Aw, yeah <3 Naruto definitely taught us a lot which is part of the reason I was so mad about where he ended up. Kishi actually intended for Naruto and Sasuke to get together and make it a yaoi series but changed the plot due to people telling him that it wouldn't sell well. Thus, we get close to 700 chapters of queerbaiting through multiple characters and it all went straight out the window in the end. Bloody ridiculous. He actually stated in an interview that SasuNaru was his favourite pairing and that he collected merch for it!

I actually never finished Book of Murder ^^; When I was at the height of my Black Butler phase, for some reason, I chose to just rewatch S1-Book of Circus instead of continuing on XD So because of that, I'm super behind on both the anime and manga alike, but know the spoiler for View spoilerHide spoilerthe twins because of social media :/

Ahhhh yes I did! Funny you mention it because Naruto was supposed to be as well. Yeah, that would've been nice :< Damn editors with pushing their ideas onto the creators! Especially in Naruto's case- there are SO MANY non het pairing that would've made so much more sense than what happened (i.e. SasuNaru, NaruGaa, HashiMada, InoSaku/SakuIno, being the most obvious) and even het pairings (that I'm not super big on) that would've made more sense (LeeSaku, NaruSaku, View spoilerHide spoilerSasuke x NOBODY because it would be relevant to his character more than giving up and marrying Sakura of all people smh). Anyway yeah, I'm all for advice, but creators really should have the right to generate their own ideas :/
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When I first got into anime, my favourite for the longest time was Black Butler. Once I watched Death Note, that became my favourite for a long time...and then I got into Naruto. While I really loved the series, I was disgusted with how it ended. The plot, end pairings, and overall endings were just complete and utter crap.

Anyway before I rant about that, what are your favourite series/characters?
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Yep, I'll definitely share my thoughts when I do!

Hmm... I'm not too sure actually now that I think about it :o Scales are definitely my favourite type of figure, but I like nendoroids too. I'm trying not to buy/get attached to too many nendos because I don't want most of my collection to be made up of them haha. I also own a few prize figs, one of which I bought on impulse and am trying to sell off. The other ones I bought because I really like the character. As for articulated figures, I currently only have 2: SH Figuarts which I received as a gift from family, and one RAH that I bought when I was in Japan. As much excitement I got from the RAH, I don't think they're my type of figure, mainly because I'm terrified of it breaking and I find it a hassle to change the posing and stuff. I would probably get one more (Eren to go with my Armin) in order to pose them together, but that's about it.

I think character design is really important in figures, but I won't buy a figure if I don't know of it's origin or if I dislike the character (and I kind of broke that last rule because I just pre ordered nendoroid Sasuke, my most hated character ever LOL. Only bought him to pose with Nar though!).

Yeah, so I only buy figures of characters that I really like and that have a pose/base that I like. I also think that it has to represent them well. There's only a few female characters that I really like, but if they were ever given a figure (pretty unlikely) and they were sculpted out of character, then I would sadly pass on it.

Otherwise I don't think I have a general theme to my collection, it's just made up of characters/series that I really enjoy ^^ I'd love to center my collection on fewer series so that I have a better understanding on how much I enjoy a series and it's characters. I also think that it gives a nice sense of harmony throughout :)

I just counted how many series I collect figures from and there's 11- much more than I expected! It would definitely be more if I counted my goods and media though haha.

How about you? Is there a theme to what you collect?
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Ohhh I'll definitely check those out!

You're lucky that you got to PO them haha. They look great, but I just can't justify paying that price even though I love them both dearly :"D When you get them, definitely let me know how they turn out!

I let go of my hopes of owning the RAHs a long time ago haha. But yeah, the prices for them are insane, especially when taking in the fact that the joints literally disintegrate when they get old lol. They are one of the few nice looking DN figures out there though, so I applaud anyone who managed to get them for a good price.
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Citrus was actually my first experience in yuri and I really liked it haha. Yuzu is such a cutie ahh <3

As for my thoughts on the new DN announcements, I'm insanely excited for the nendoroid redos.. Can't wait to see how they turn out and they better give the same treatment to Misa and Ryuk too. I was really looking forward to the scale of Light and L, but that price is madness :p MegaHouse is seriously losing their mind lately >< I'd love to get them, but as of now, I have no plans to haha. How about you? Are you planning on getting the scale?
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Hey thanks for the FR! I see that we have quite a few common interests like Citrus, Naruto, and Death Note! Who's your favourite character from Citrus? Mine is Matsuri <3 I love her so much!! Yuzu and Harumin are both super close seconds though :D
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happy (belated) birthday!! hope it was a good one :D <3
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MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Happy birthday to us! (*≧∪≦) hahaha
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Happy birthday yurirainbowz hope you get spoilt rotten and have the best year ahead
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