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The Anime Corner Store
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Established in 1997 originally as a fan site, the Anime Corner quickly grew into one of the finest and largest online retailers of anime and manga related products. The Anime Corner Store® is now recognized worldwide as a leading, customer friendly, Anime retailer - a place that fans can obtain the latest Anime and Manga products at the most competitive prices, and still be backed up by the fastest delivery and best customer service in the industry.

Over the years, the Anime Corner® has grown into a diverse, challenging, and exciting enterprise. Operations are managed daily from our 14,000 square foot distribution center in Winchester, Virginia. From here, we ship hundreds of orders all over the world each week. No matter our size and growth, however, our priorities and commitment will always remain to our customers and to the Anime community which we serve and are proud to be a part of.

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Pretty good.

I've ordered with them many times, but I hadn't shopped with them in a while, so I wanted to update my feedback. I placed my most recent order on a Saturday, the order was shipped Monday, and by Wednesday I had my items in hand even though I used a free shipping coupon. They've always been quick to reply to emails, and although they say that orders with free shipping may take a few days to process, I can't recall waiting more than two days to have an order ship. Also, they are pretty good at keeping their website updated. Prices are a little high, but sometimes good deals can be found.
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