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  • An absolute nightmare.

    So, i never had problems with FJ. The prices were decent, the shipping fast, and the customer service was good.

    That was until my order last month.

    I had a two package shipment sent by fedex, that contained regular collection items- as well as some japanese candy. FJ however did not provide the proper documents for customs, and now my package is completely stuck. I contacted fedex first, and they told me I needed a "prior notice" from FJ. So, I contacted FJ and a back-and-fourth over he course of like a week took place.

    First they claimed Fedex Japan did not contact them whatsoever, so they believed they didn't have to do anything for me. However, when I contacted fedex- both here in the USA AND in japan- I found that not only had Fedex USA been sending them multiple emails with no replies from FJ- but that Fedex Japan had been communicating with them regularly about this issue. When I confronted them about this, they laughably told me it had been an "error" in previous emails.

    I still don't have my paperwork/prior notice, and FJ is demanding that *I* cover the fees to have it shipped back to them- and you don't even want to know the ridiculous amount i was quoted.

    Absolutely terrible, a nightmare, and I won't be using them anymore after all this. I can't believe how unhelpful and unprofessional they are being over THEIR lack of proper paperwork.
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  • Moribundead モリバンデッド
    Reliable service

    I've been using FJ's service for more than two years now (40 shipments) and never had any problems. I'm glad there are companies like this one.^^
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  • Never again

    2019/11/10 Update: I will never use From Japan again. This time I bought the item with insurance covered. And it happened. The ticket is STILL MISSING. Don't use them. They are scammers.

    2019/10/23: I just received my parcel and it is "MISSING" stuff. Now here is the thing: I bought the item through auction with "Basic" plan (300 Yen) and it was supposed to come with a clear file and a movie ticket. I just received mine and there was only the clear file. I know I chose the "Basic" plan and they are not required to perform any check. It is how the game works. But I am still upset. I think they must have placed someone else's order into my parcel; and mine to theirs. IT WASN'T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAVE HAPPENED. And now I have no way to verify because they will just slap that statement back. BECAUSE I CHOSE BASIC PLAN. I have been putting up with their lackluster packing, and now this. I am done. I will not make any order with them again. I rather pay more to have better service.
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  • Good until you need their help

    I had been using their service for years, and luckily I never had a problem with my orders before. I have never purchased pre-orders with them, so I can't say how they are in that department, I have always used them to buy in stock items from Surugaya or Amazon mostly. A while ago they changed their service fees for two "plan" options, one for 300 JPY and one for 700 JPY.
    I had used their 300 JPY service with no problem, but now one of my orders got lost by my post office, and sice I paid their "cheap" plan, they refuse to fill a claim with Japan Post, which is required for me to get a refund for my order that was send by EMS.
    So, be aware that if you go for their cheapest option, even if your shipping is insured, it doesn't mean anything, they won't help you and you will lose both your items and money.
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  • Beware of FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd.

    FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. claims that an item I had purchased was prohibited from international shipment. I asked them to provide proof and they could not provide me with anything. I did my own research on Japan Post's website and the item was not on their prohibited list. The same item had been sold by AmiAmi and despite providing all this information, they refused to ship the item to me or provide a refund. This isn't the first time I had to deal with their terrible customer service but I find this absolutely unacceptable and they have lost me as a customer. What stops FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. from claiming an item is prohibited from international shipment? I basically ended up pay for an item that they can keep for free.
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