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  • Disappointed

    What I want to write is too long so:

    -They aren't good with communication.
    -They never show you the item they find, they just give you their estimate. I'd be more comfortable seeing the item they found.
    -Something I showed them that was instock I had to pay triple for and the location was right by them.
    -There was an issue with what I payed them to get me and they didn't let me know, few times.
    -Payed for EMS shipping 5 days ago and still no e-mail from them. Also happened a few times.
    -Their bubble wrap smells moldy.
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  • Don't even try their services !!! Very Very Very dissapointed !!

    I tried them for the first time now, to ask and order this item ITEM #124996 for me. I specifically asked them to buy her at the time she became available. I checked and checked 'till she became sold out and that was in about 8 hours. I sent them an email when she was available and now they respond it is sold out and refunded me. What the heck! They didn't take me seriously,they don't care PERIOD. They are just out in using your money since you need to pay upfront and then refund you when they decide to. They had all the time in the world to order this one! Aweful!
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  • Risayla ◔‸◔
    First proxy order.

    I ordered an exclusive from Yokatta since other proxies had closed their orders for it so I decided to give them a go. Their customer service is quick and I had no problems placing my first order with them, their site is easy to navigate as well. They were quick to inform me that my item was in stock and after I paid the shipping costs it was sent the next day. My item arrived in perfect condition though I thought they would have provided a little more padding for it but over all my first shopping experience with them was excellent, I'd definitely use them again.
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  • My Favourite Proxy

    Yokatta offers the best rates period.

    There is no website management as orders are done through email and PayPal. Considering they offer very cheap rates I don't mind this at all.

    Yokatta will hold packages for 3-4 months so you can build multiple orders up before shipping them together.

    My one negative with Yokatta is the two step ordering process. Since the ordering is done by email you have to first email them about your item. They will then send you a payment request in which you must pay before they order. This takes time and could cost you if an item is short on stock.
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  • unsatisfied customer service

    yokatta does their job as a proxy. however, my first (and last) experience with them was horrible. they took too much time to answer my emails, and were not polite when replying them back. i had choose another proxy because of their awful customer service, and i'm not sorry i did.
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