DETOLFCustom Lighting and Acrylic In Progress (some figs NSFW)

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    This is the third attempt at putting together a lighting setup that I'm content with.

    The first time I used the most basic lights on some white channel, using only clips for the connections in one long chain. That was a mistake. The lights were really dim at the end, and it was not a reliable connection.

    The second time I used waterproof small leds and ended up with some pretty ugly solder points as I haven't soldered anything since high school. I also didn't hide the black/red wires very well, and it was still in one long string. I also ended up hating the white channels and wasn't able to decide if I wanted the lights facing down or toward, so I did away with that in the third attempt.

    This time around I went with 5050 LEDs, waterproof. White wires that I paired in white heatshrink. Acrylic triangle channel to mount the lights on at a 45 degree angle. I took the adhesive backing off the lightstrips and cut my own (3m double sided clear) tape to fit so that the show-through would end up looking a lot nicer (from a direct angle, the lights are invisible and it just looks like clear acrylic). Instead of one long string, I have each string running down the same side and going to a 5 channel splitter to the power supply. The most recent thing I added was the privacy mirror backing to one of the sides and back of the Detolf glass. Originally I stuck a cheap Ikea mirror behind it, but the dimensions made it look goofy and the multiple layers of panes wasn't so attractive either.

    Extruded acrylic triangle. Used a miter saw to cut these. This stuff was one of the more expensive components in the project. Still worth it though. The channel really makes it look slick, which my pictures don't really do.

    Glass shelf, double sided 3m 4910 VHB clear mounting tape 1/4" width, acrylic channel, more double sided 4910 (hand cut from a thicker roll to same length and width as LED strip), waterproof LED strip (removed original adhesive). Channels met at 45 degrees and the LEDs mounted at 45 degrees. Soldered with white wires and heatshrink over that to look pretty.

    5-way splitter, dimmer(white), and power supply. Keeps my lighting consistent instead of eventually dimming over a long string. On my second build, I tried jamming all four wire sets into one connector (no good). Happily found this solution after much ebay-fu. Eventually will cover these with heat-shrink so they look a bit safer to handle.

    The part that's still in progress is figuring out what to do to hide the wires, and completing my acrylic box and lighting for the 'fifth shelf' on top. I may also replace my color dioder with custom RGB LEDs, but on the fence yet.

    Takayuki's probably my favorite sculptor. I think this figure's my most expensive (post release). I also bought a second one just in case.

    I'm waiting for a bigger piece of acrylic to arrive to use for the top of the box. Not quite happy with the quality of the build as it's my first time making my own display box. I could've done a bit better with clamping and alignment and all that sort of stuff. The actual 'adhesive' or acrylic bond stuff is pretty toxic and unpleasant to work with as it kind of just 'falls' out of the tube, so be careful if you go that route. I would almost say order a custom one and save yourself the trouble. I did look at prebuilt ones from the container store, but looking at them firsthand--they had ugly gates on the side and scratches all over from handling poorly.

    Anyway, once the box is complete, I'll run another channel through so it matches the other 4 shelves' lighting. It's almost the same dimension as the Detolf's body, so I think it'll look pretty boss.

    I don't think this Nami has an entry anywhere, as I believe it's some Chinese Frankenstein resin. However, the quality is pretty great and it wasn't too expensive either.

    I love the effect of the light bleeding on two sides of the channel when you're viewing from the front corner.

    Comparison with dioder color accent. Nice effect without being oversaturated.

    GIF sped up a bit to fit gfy requirements.
    Custom LEDs set to dimmer rotation mode on the remote, and color dioder set on color scroll.
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