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Love Live! School Idol FestivalTrading promo codes

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new in this club :)

    I was wondering, is there anyone here who has movie codes that he/she wants to trade?
    I've got the code from the Weiss Schwarz set for Rin, Eri and Kotori twice, and I would like to try to trade one of them for two or more movie codes, since there is no other way for me to get them, as the movie isn't being showed in my country T_T
    I thought that would be quite fair since there are three members on the code, and it was quite expensive :p
    So, is there anyone here who would be interested in a trade like this?

    My favorite member is Kotori, my 2nd is Maki and 3rd is Nozomi :) I'm also interested in Eri for a friend of mine.

    If anyone else want to trade codes you can also post it here!
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    Ah, I thought a trading/selling code thread would be more active ):
    I do not have codes to trade with you, sadly, I'm mainly bumping the thread, so maybe in the future someone will actually trade things here´v`;
    3DS FC 1478-5579-4340
    PM me yours~!
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