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  • piratepapillon
    piratepapillonVery Important Boarder • lv21
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    Seems like a good first discussion :) Which plush do you collect and which are your favorites? I love collecting Touhou plushies, especially the ones by Gift (though I hope to expand soon).
  • RKasa
    RKasaDeal Hunter ( =₃=)*Very Important Boarder • lv27
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    Official Totoros are probably my favorite line of plushes, but they're so expensive @_@ I have a small one with a pull-string (pulling it makes it vibrate).

    It's hard to choose, but Reset-san (aka Mr. Resetti) is probably my favorite individual plush :D Most of my import plushes are video game-related.
  • anabi
    anabiRegular Boarder • lv12
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    I love San-X and Sanrio plushes. Their characters are so cute and quirky! My favorites are Kamonohashi, Monokuro Boo, and Hello Kitty!
  • Elly
    EllyRegular Boarder • lv19
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    I pretty much buy anything that's adorable and catches my eye. I love, love, LOVE Rilakkuma plushies~ <3

    Though the only line I'm really collecting all of them would be the Touhou fumo fumo plushies by Gift. I just can't resist their cute little faces! :3

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  • bethykins
    bethykinsRegular Boarder • lv20
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    these three :)



    and this lil dino

    looking to buy them!! from anywhere! and condition!
  • Osasaki
    OsasakiHomu HomuRegular Boarder • lv16
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    really would like this one <3
    But of those i own, my Mugi one goods/13929_kot... is my favorite next to Saber lion goods/11117_sab... x3
  • Elly
    EllyRegular Boarder • lv19
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    OsasakiSaber lion goods/11117_sab... x3
    Oh man, that plush is adorable! I need to get it sometime~ :3

    I will save you.
  • ToonAddict1
    ToonAddict1Regular Boarder • lv10
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    When it comes to my plushie collection, my two favorites will have to be nurse Shinobu (Love Hina) and suka Nodoka (Negima).
  • Fychan
    FychanVery Important Boarder • lv20
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    I really, really love my Miku plushie from Gift. The canvas Vaporeon is reaaaaally adorable, too <3
    But my favorite plushie is my Simba plushie I have for over 15 years. But that ain't really related to the club XD'
  • Nandeyanen
    NandeyanenRegular Boarder • lv14
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    I love Gift's Touhou plushies :D All time fave would have to be Toys Planning's Winter Noumi<3
    Ara ara ufufu~
  • maggie
    maggieVery Important Boarder • lv26
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    HMMM what a hard question! For me... Kikyou, Kouga, Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, DX cats from Azumanga Daioh, DX Sailor Moon set, Chobits Sumomo w/ tambourine, Sailor Moon Starlights, One Piece Luffy DX w/ Kung fu Dugong, Nana plush... I know there's more, it's hard to keep them straight in my brain >_<
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  • hamsterfactor
    hamsterfactorRegular Boarder • lv19
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    I basically collect Fullmetal Alchemist plushes, though I buy from other series from time to time (characters I like). My favorites... probably the whole 2004 FMA plushie set and this Black Hayate :D
  • CatDetective
    CatDetectiveRegular Boarder • lv8
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    I collect whatever's cute to me... I love Studio Ghibli plushes, Hello Kitty/Sanrio, and I would love to add a Pusheen or some of the Neko Atsume plushes to my collection, since it was whittled down so heavily when I moved (I should get a new Meowth now that I'm settled for sure, but I don't know if I'll replace my anime boy plushes...). I also am obsessed with Tsum Tsums. I'm not sure what my favorite is, just among my more pop culture/collector plushes. But if we're just looking at every plush toy I own, my favorite is my Pound Purry tuxedo cat. I've had her most of my life...
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