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Houseki no KuniTOHO Animation vs. Studio Hibari

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    How do you feel about TOHO Animation's adaptation of the manga to anime?

    Personally I found the complete CGI of the series to look very awkward. I think many animation studios have managed to use CGI in conjunction with hand drawn to make something very streamlined, and Houseki no Kuni would have been a great series to do this with. But because it is entirely cgi, it gives me, personally, the feelings of a ero game cutscene (haha). The music, though, sounds A+, and I am very much hopeful that Ichikawa's beautiful series will get the adaptation is deserves.

    I also think that it's really interesting that Kodansha took down or privatized the original Houseki no Kuni Volume 1 PV.

    So what's everyone elses opinion on the adaptation? Do you like the style direction that TOHO Animation is taking with the series? Why or why not?

    Fan uploaded/dubbed original PV by Studio Hibari: www.youtube.com...

    Official TOHO Animation anime trailor: www.youtube.com...

    Side by side comparison shots:








    S-Shinsya, is your back ok...?
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    the backgrounds are still 2D anyway, and if you look at it, actually it's only cinnabar and it's/her mercury that looks weird, most of other characters and their scenes look pretty good or at least ok, personally, i loved the scene at 0:30, EASILY the best scene in the entire trailer even if it's only what, 1 second of length? i expect the bigger part of the selenites(or whatever you choose to call them) to look gorgeous in this cgi animation, in some cases even better than in the hibari pv;
    on the other hand, almost every scene with cinnabar looks quite weird along those with phos, at least most of em suffer as they suffer from the "low framerate syndrome" that many other cgi anime such as ajin suffer from.

    i think this can turn out pleasing to the eye, but they need to do some job and not put some stupid limitations on the animation such as with framerate(there are some scenes where the characters framerate is at the max available for tv transmission and those looked pretty good)

    both the backgrounds and the ost feel fitting(i'd expect some tracks to have some more acute and/or delicate sounding instruments too such as triangles and maybe even harps, or if possible some more indian/buddhist sounding instrument which names i know not) especially the ending one, so it really is just a question about how they'll animate the gems, most notably cinnnabar and her mercury(and i expect later on phos)

    i also wonder how they'll animate ventricosus.

    in my opinion so far it doesn't look too bad, it has good parts and bad parts, but on average it looks decent enough to not categorize it as bad animation.

    p.s.: in that screenshot, cinnabar's back looks fine to me... then again, my own back is quite warped, so what do i know?

    p.p.: at 0:31 you can catch a glance of ventricosus's berserk form and it honestly doesn't look very good... it reminds of the cgi dragons you see in many 2d anime that i honestly willfully forgot the name of too.
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