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Houseki no Kuni[NEWS][JP]Anime opening released on youtube

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    it shows quite a lot of new scenes and even a new(for the animation) character in a very quick shot around the middle of the video.

    what do you think of it? personally i'm loving it, it looks always more and more promising, and i quite like the song, although it reminds me of other animes endings, among which arakawa under the bridge, rozen maiden(?), shinsekai yori(??) and attack on titan(???), but most importantly TK's acoustic installation, it's all very faint and it feels very original compared to most ost of modern anime, although still -naturally- a very simple song.

    from what i can base by the opening anyway, they seem to be removing, or at least softening the framerate limiter only on action and special scenes, and possibly on the selenites.... maybe even for the admirabilis? though they showed too few shots of them for me to tell.
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