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Doujinshi ClubPhysical doujinshi stores?

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    I'll be in Japan next month and would like to hit up some doujinshi shops while I'm there. I know that some of the big online doujin stores also have physical storefronts, but are there any others I should know about?

    Aside from shopping for goodies for myself, I'll be looking at all-ages illustration collections to give as gifts.

    Physical stores/chains I'm aware of:
    - Toranoana
    - Animate
    - MelonBooks
    - K-Books
    - Mandarake
    - AkibaHobby

    I'll be staying in Osaka and Hiroshima part of the time, in addition to Tokyo. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I think I'm a bit late, but in Hiroshima there's also meikido's physical store
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