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    I don't use proxy, but forward instead (via Tenso) for years now. Fees may not be the best but works fine for me. (except with amiami)
    All major new and secondhand sources and more. Adult comics/toys isn't a problem as they check contents (for wasteful/hazardous materials etc.) and they didn't keep it ;P
    I can undervalue the international shipments on their site if I want to. But 20kg by boat is still expensive. 10250+5000. (the handling is 5000 yen max, capping at 13kg)
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    If you know can order and pay yourself but only lack a japanese address then just use a forwarding service. There are various like Blackfish (charge based on weight), Big in Japan (no surface shipping but have flat 500yen charge) and dv8cag (charge based on value of goods so good for cheap but heavy items). That way you can avoid proxy fees which may be cheaper. I think all of the above mark down lower values too.
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