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Drawings-Loveshare your art and stuff

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  • FeliceMelRegular Boarder
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    Hi guys :3 I'm new here <333
    My name is Karina (Felice) and i'm also love anime figures ^^
    My last pic (it was commission, FFXIV):
  • RokikiRegular Boarder
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    Feel free to check out my art, my pages here are new so they are still updating!


  • TraumaticSherryEustass Kid Loyalist⚓Regular Boarder
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    This is one of my most recent full effort drawings I've done. Wendy from Don't Starve


    My other drawings on my DA voodoodollmaste...
  • CatDetectiveRegular Boarder
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    Wow, there's some really beautiful work in this thread, you guys! Here's mine;

    A little doll guy...

    and a modern witch girl.
  • Bea2028Regular Boarder
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    I am so happy I found this group! Can someone tell me how to upload photos? I am using an IPad :/
    Until I know how to post them,you can check my art at PaigeeWorld! My user is Bea20 ^^
  • ElysioRegular Boarder
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    Hello i'm new here^^ i'm a guy of the south of france!!:) be nice with me!:3 i'm a big fan of Ilya Kushinov and i tried to copy his drawing of rita vrataski:) somebody know? Sorry if my english is bad, i'm not very goodXD
  • MitsunaLittle Busters Saikou!Regular Boarder
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    Hello! I am only 16 so quite a bit younger and maybe haven't been drawing as long as adults but here are some of my drawings!



  • JisungRegular Boarder
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    Hello all! I'm fairly new to MFC, so I didn't know such a club existed... I've been drawing for who knows how long, and the summer of 2017, I just got into digital art. I've posted a majority of my digital art on my profile, but it'll be fun being in here hopefully! If you're interested, you can always see my w.i.p's, or other shenanigans on Twitter, or hit me up with a follow on Pixiv!

    For my first entry here, I'll post my signature Jeanne d'Arc drawing that I use for most of my profile pictures.

  • piratestyleRegular Boarder
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    I just finished this yesterday. You can check out the full description of it on my DA at Fanatic-Comics.

  • AOS-Regular Boarder
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    Wanted to post an update on the progress of a project I started in January. I'm trying my hand at creating scaled sculptures of weapons in anime/video games. I don't have an exact on this one, but it was scaled down to fit on letter-size paper.

    A lot of time was spent trying to figure out the easiest way to go about cutting out the shape from a large sheet of plywood. So before getting into that, I decided it would be a time saver to invest time into putting together a table-mounted jigsaw.

    https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-O-MgoDJnxEA/Wq55iDbRKYI/AAAAAAAAXZk/hyIG-Rxlykcf43lUV4UwYMS947vXy9YHwCLcBGAs/s800/P_20180223_165409_vHDR_On.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-snjzvwFDlsc/Wq55i2Ago0I/AAAAAAAAXZs/cqpkU8qhXyMhqkcVP-O_lQ3pFsC3AB-_gCLcBGAs/s800/P_20180223_202100_vHDR_On.jpg

    https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uav944yvSC8/Wq55ZsueFcI/AAAAAAAAXZg/aIOE45jwqP4OyC2oP0iLMA0bmytBUuyTwCLcBGAs/s800/P_20180311_171635_vHDR_On.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-w_L0RDKxWY0/Wq55ipaiJAI/AAAAAAAAXZo/otGD3rUyJzIyon5CzV-59miOHpZ-k4NSwCLcBGAs/s800/P_20180311_171606_vHDR_On.jpg
    Getting the rough cuts in. Don't have a large sanding disc, so I had to go at it with a dremel, meaning it's not easy to get a uniform thickness.

    https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-72n85oWNNQI/Wq55ZWo2aMI/AAAAAAAAXZc/UCtBvLUfpnwaj0BCVUYTaduYOP5Yn7NtwCLcBGAs/s800/P_20180314_233052.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UoswnJw9GTY/Wq55Wa1Te2I/AAAAAAAAXZY/VMkyXD48dOgmFGN50Fp3tM3oksY3mru7ACLcBGAs/s800/P_20180317_154843.jpg

    Spent the bulk of this week shaping in the curves and correcting over-cuts.
    Murderface Enthusiast.
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