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    Yup I've been in the UK for slightly over a month now. It rains alot in Manchester, but other than that I prefer the weather here compared to Singapore, it's not as gloomy as people make it out to be. It's definitely more expensive to live here than I thought though. Having a good time I guess, while trying to juggle studies in university too. I think I'll be alright :)
    The only bad thing is that my collection has been put on the backburner now, I can't afford to get any new figures after paying my tuition fees, and I wouldn't want to ship any figures to my dormitory anyway.

    Ahhh, I have been for holidays in Scotland. Didn't find the weather to bad either. And I also noticed that it was rather expensive. The pound is a strong currency >__<

    Good to hear that everythings seems to kind of work! University is always kind of a chaos... At least both I visited till now XD

    Oh my... At least it seems worth it!
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    Hey, in the UK already? How is it?
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2353523Like myself!
    Nah, I don't have that sort of money to spend. But hey, cute is cute.

    Yeah money is always an issue >____<
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2353508Oh right right I see it now. The Black Raven one still looks hella cute tho.
    I guess Azone had to up the ante or they'd lose customers. Their figures have been going for pretty high prices in the aftermarket too, although not Volks kind of crazy...

    Yeah doing both things will probably lead to more costumers. I do not think they will abbadon the old style because it is defenitely cute in its own way :D
    They can probably catch some frustrated Volks fans!
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2353487I'm not sure if I get what you're trying to say, sorry. Aren't they all from Azone?

    Yeah they are and if you look closely the last 2 dolls do not have sculpted lips and barely a nose. The new one really reminds me of DDs ;)
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    Seems like Azone does a serious attack on Volks customer base: PICTURE #1098773 if you compare with:
    PICTURE #378043 PICTURE #892635 You see how the sculpt has more details :D
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2333408Nothing untoward can happen to you in Japan. Seriously. They're too polite! Which isn't always a good thing, but it's not a bad one either!
    Haha yea I'm really looking forward to heading to UK to start my studies, and then Japan in the middle. Granted, I would prefer to be in Japan for the entire period, but you can't always have what you want, can you? Opens more doors anyway, and I'm perfectly cool with that.

    Oh, I see 0_____0

    Hahaha, no you can't. And I agree with it opening more doors. Seeing much of the world does not hurt indeed. The UK is really pretty. I have already been in Scotland for 2 weeks. It was lovely. I want to go again. Still Need to visit London :D
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2333359Anyone would fit in if they put in enough effort. Applies to anywhere in the world really, unless there's stupid things like racism and stuff, then that can't be helped.
    I'll be going to a University in Japan in 2016/17 for a year-long exchange! Can't wait! Heck I wished I could skip my first 2 years of uni and just go there straight...

    Yeah probably :D
    I am just a person who tends to worry to much about everything... It can be really horrible sometimes but I just can't stop it. Who knows what might happen in Japan LOOOOL

    Cool! Sounds very good to me. And I knd of understand why you want to skip but I think the UK will be pretty interesting as well ;)
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2333349Yes I totally agree! I want to stay in Japan!

    Hmmm would like to visit Japan via University for like half a year as well. But not sure if I would fit into Japan XD
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    keithgator5 vuotta sitten#2333329Ifind the German language pretty cool though! I'd like to learn it someday if I've the opportunity to do so. Although seeing how I'm still struggling with Jap, that could take a while.

    I can imagine it, hihihi. Japanese is hard to learn :D
    The best thing to train language skill is to stay in the Country for a while. At least in my opinion XD
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