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  • HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15013208dia+mari fans are very rare.so sad. kananmari dont fit.
    dia+mari is perfect and are the best girls and my first favorite pair...*-*
    ye i play it but not so often.
    dia and mari looking best...(the prize figures-so beautiful)
    love live is my favorite series.

    Hi again! Sorry for taking so long to reply!

    For fun just now I decided to rank my favourite Aqours girls from 1-9, and Dia and Mari still come in first! I'm thinking maybe you're right, they are a better fit than Kananmari. Hmmmmmmm :P

    Now that Sunshine has finished airing, what's your opinion? I'm curious about other fans, because I'm still conflicted. Did you prefer the original LL to LLS?

    Also, if we share the same fav Aqours girls, I'm wondering if our least favourites are similar...? Sorry, I'm in a mood for rankings and comparisons XD
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15060231nice to meet a ll fan?! *-*

    Nice to meet you too :) And thanks for the FR fellow Love Live! fan!
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15165080oh buon compleanno :-D

    grazie mille ^_____^
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15165058Happy Birthday:-)
    Thank you very much! :)
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15010609are you a love live fan ? *-*
    is your favopair dia+mari ?

    Yes i am, my best aqours girls are yoshiko dia and mari indeed
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#9327057lol du hast ja fast das selbe was ich habe in meiner liste von love live....genial xDDDDD haha

    Nur das beste also xP
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    nice to meet you too. yep, Dia is my favorite :) I love all of Aqours but I prefer Dia better :3 and yep, I'm a Love Live fan :)
    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15081782your favorite girl is dia ? *_*
    and by the way nice to meet you:-))) love live fan maybe ?
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    Thank you very much :)HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15126239Happy B :-)
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15027627Happy Birthday lira :-)
    Du warst zwar einen Tag zu früh, aber trotzdem danke :D
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    HarukaHaruno19914 vuotta sitten#15013448thank youuuu!! i love love live *-**
    ah good :----OOO
    My favopair is Dia+Mari from the Beginning. Its a perfect pair *-*. My second kanan+you and yoshiko+ruby.:-)))

    Ahh they're all so cute! ^.^
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