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    QUALITY. I wonder if they fixed this one in the bluray release.

    (btw... I had actually typed a reply to your previous message but then MFC froze and when I refreshed the page it was all gone and I didn't have the will to retype all of it, I am sorry ;;;;orz)
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    Maakie (2 vuotta sitten) #4767315Ik ben veel te laat, sorry! D:
    Maar een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

    Bedankt :D
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    theyasminshow Carnal Cymbidium
    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15783548Hey-o! :D
    Ohhh erhhhmmm. I saw them on multiple blogs, also on some blogs over here. Maybe check the comments of: blogs.php?sort=... ? Sorry that I can't be much of a help, I didn't save those comments, just read them a while ago. D:
    Haha I think it;s interesting how contradicting that sounded. xD Don't like good returning sellers/panelist not returning and it's getting repetetive with a lot of the same things every year. Haha!
    But I understand what you mean, some of our cons are also guilty of this. For example they get a very well known cosplay competition judge from another country...and then have that judge come over for 5 years or so in a row. The magic of the "special international judge" goes away after seeing the same one 2 or 3 times in a row. But with your example of the Walking Dead, let's say they don't invite (a big part) of the cast over, then there is a huge "hole" in the big-name people coming. They'll have to find another huge show or movie that is popular right now and will have many people go crazy for them. That's a hard task. It's more safe to keep having the Walking Dead cast come over and make the fans of the long-running series happy.
    I hope so!!! To be honest, for an European person it looks to us in USA media like everybody cheats on their partner, lol. I'm currently watching the series Mad Men, and yeeeesh!
    Luckily you still have a lot of franchises you like that do get quite some merchandise right? :) And with the franchises getting less merchandise, the hunt for the items becomes more fun, right? ^^
    From series I've recently saw I ended up getting pretty fond of Arslan Senki and the newest Gundam, Iron Blooded Oprhans. If you would like some recommendations! ^^
    Oh wow, that is a bit...too good of a microphone, lol. I'm always really bad with headset microphones. I guess I'm too heavy of a breather and the things activate the whole time. xD
    That video is very well known under cosplayers. xD Even though the people in the video are furries, a lot of the materials furries buy and things that they do can get pretty close to cosplayers. Especially if you're going to look at the "just starting out' cosplayers in our communities. Mainly screeching and overly hyper teenagers. Even though these girls seem older, they show that hyper teenage-behaviour, lol. This video is well known for it's "high cringe level". And even with that, every time I get across it or someone sends it to me (which is like...one every 2 years or so), I can't stop watching and almost always watch the thing from begin to end. Why.
    Haha, it's fine! I see the video more as a joke. And yes, I also use a lot of foam with my costumes. xD
    Oh yeah, that sounds like it makes a lot of sense! I mean, if it's needed for job interviews, it's probably also the same for every big traditional event. And probably also weddings, meeting the family of your partner etc. :)
    I'm always ultra-weary when it comes to white clothing items. I remember the first time in my life when I bought white pants: I spilled red ink on it the first day I wore it. No matter how much I scrubbed and what types of soap and cleaners I used, I never got it fully out. The pants looked too bad to wear again and since the damage was at the top of my thigh, I also couldn't make shorts out of it or something. :< It made me decide to never pay a big price anymore for a clothing article that is white.
    Unfortunately not! I had the store mapped and planned to visit, but the only day I had to go all-out with shopping in NY, it was too far off-route to go there. :( I've shown all the shops I've visited in my NY blog, I think you read that one and commented on it! ^^ I hear good things about book-off, I'm sad I didn't have the chance to visit it. :( I hope to someday return to NY, but first I would like to visit places I haven't seen before visiting cities/countries "double". ;)


    Well, I think it depends. Some things work well as a staple and some don't. A lot of panels involve "_____ in comics and media" - women, PoC, disabled people, etc. If those panels say the same thing every year I can understand why people would get bored. If every year they do a sort of "progress report" mixed with new content then it would make it worth attending that panel every year. It's kind of like The Pillows, the band that did the FLCL soundtrack. They've been making music for 2 or 3 *decades* so it's a huge catalog. But their US shows still have mostly FLCL music. I'd go to their US concert again but not if the ticket prices went up - it wouldn't be worth it to hear the same things again.
    And as for staple hosts, makes me think of Hanami/Sakura Matsuri. The host is a samurai swordsman/actor from Japan and he's the show host every year. He doesn't do a bad job but at the same time I wonder if he resonates with anyone. That is, if they switch hosts one year are people going to be like "Huh, new host?" or "Aw no, it's not the same without him!"

    I once read an editorial that pointed out that people are not naturally monogamous, it's always been a social construct - when people were nomadic everything was shared including partners and the only thing you knew about yourself is who your mother is. When they finally settled on an area to live THEN it became a thing of "Where does my (property) end and yours begin?" The article made comparisons to nature and went into the history of things and overall was well written.
    Few days later someone wrote a retort piece and it made no sense whatsoever... I think the person was very in love with their partner and the idea of monogamy being a farce rubbed them the wrong way. But they had no facts, just bubbled-over emotions. :\

    I sort of stopped hunting for the most part... I can't deal with AmiAmi, can't stand N-Y and their shipping, had to wrestle Manda to help me with a lost package, FJ ruined themselves as my Y!JA go-to... I'm gonna try to save up unless I spot some really awesome treasure.

    I... I don't know why (or how) you watched it beginning to end. I watched the first few minutes and then skipped to the end to see if this was building up to anything. I could watch the whole thing I GUESS, but I might end up wanting those minutes of my life back.

    I try not to wear white anything but I recently got a shirt I've been hunting for years. It's white... I need to just not go eat anything while I'm wearing it. Something always falls on my shirt! When I was a kid I had a plain whit shirt and skirt. Wore it and sat at the table with a plate of super saucy barbecue... so much for that outfit. LOL

    Weirdly enough Book Off is way more than books. The main floor has CDs, DVDs, games, figures, and miscellany (I saw an empty glass soy sauce bottle, ???) The smaller top floor is Japanese books, the bottom floor is Japanese media and manga and the like. They buy back anything from books to appliances to plugs and wires. I guess it's necessary to stay afloat?
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #16013014I guess I was a bit surprised with Mika and Orga, because the merch made it look like they have an inseperable (b)romance, but in the series...well of course it's clear they have a strong bond and they are dependent of eachother, but I expected more...buddy hanging out time? More deep conversations? Idk, I guess I just had wrong expectations I expected them to be all over eachother lol. I hope to see more of their bonding in S2. :) But more about Orga by himself would also really please me, he was so cute when he was drunk! :>
    I was already expecting that for S2. I do like how "small scale" everything was in S1, with Tekkadan being a starting out-group. I hope a bit of that stays intact in S2 and it's not like all-out huge battlefields with 100 parties fighting eachother. :')
    I hope you like Arslan! The setting is totally different (I have no clue if you're into medieval-like battle settings), but I really liked the strategic part!
    Oh! And I almost finished watching all of Slayers! I have been noticing I'm a lot slower with getting myself watching the newer series and movies. The older stuff had more of a charm about it I guess.

    I'm glad to get a reply from you today. I'm still feeling pretty shell-shocked from the results of the election... worried and angry and a lot else.
    They are inseparable, given they've been together since Mikazuki was 7 and Orga was 9. In season 1 Mika is 15 and Orga is 17 so that's EIGHT YEARS already. I liked seeing that the main pair was an established long-term relationship because they have all those little habits and mannerisms around each other. I mean Mika's catchphrase is "Orga, what should I do?" I think because they're already together there's a wonderful subtlety about it, a lot of nuance. Also clearly really codependent. They're not written like newlyweds, but like a married pair that are still in love after many years, ahaha
    i'm so invested in them lmao can you tell
    Trust me if you like Orga and Mika you'll also be happy with season 2 so far, I certainly have been. And I like fantasy settings too! I'll let you know my thoughts once I watch it :D
    Yeah Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R are very lacklustre compared to the old seasons imo. Still good because Slayers, but not as good. Btw what did you think of TRY? It's the most controversial season... people either love it or hate it.
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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15438230View spoilerHide spoilerHello!
    No problem at all, I sometimes also get busy unexpectedly! ;)
    Yeah, we did all the big/important things before moving in, but still had some other things that needed to be done once we were there. The biggest things being a roof fix and new protective painting on the outside of the house. While both things were happening on the outside, we still had a big mess on the inside, because of the storage of the materials and the people working on our house stepping in all the time. >.< We will get less busy with both our job and conventions/stand/volunteer-work this winter, so I hope we can make a lot of progress with unpacking boxes and putting together some more furniture soon, haha! You also best of luck with your place! :)
    Yeah, Warhammer is incredibly popular over here too! The popularity is not very visisble, as most people are 'hidden' inside Games Workshop-stores which are then hidden again in the back-alleys of big cities. xD But yeah, lots of people paint and play it over here. I was surprised when I found out about it for the first time! I think their brushes are way too expensive, but their paints are pretty okay priced. At least a lot better than what the arts- and craftstores charge for regular acrylics over here. :/ I'm not so keen on buying paints online, because I can't see the "real" colors.
    I can understand that. From what I know of Russia, there are quite some big cities, but all those cities are far away from eachother? And lots of land is wild nature/unused?
    Ah yes, I have been getting referred to BJD communities a lot recently, haha! I maybe see myself getting into BJD at one point too, but for now they are a bit too expensive for me... xD
    Yeah about 1-2 years ago E went really strange, but they seem to be improving again. But in general I try to avoid recasting-companies now. I still have a lot of unpainted kits on my backlog and more chances to get original kits (for good prices too!) than before.
    Uh-huh! Most of his stuff is 1/6. I quite like painting in that scale, although I agree with you that it's very big! I think I prefer 1/8 to paint myself, anything smaller than that becomes too small for me. I still have a really tiny 1/12 kit of a character on her knees, but too scared to start on it. >.<
    I saw that 1/4 bust you got! That's amazing! I hope it turns out well! I would be afraid myself to make it a huge, undetailled blob, haha!
    Aahh, I really prefer to read 'old fashioned'. A lot of manga is pretty hard to get for me, but I do like having a physical collection.
    Most of the people I know that airbursh, still do small details with hand. About shading with airbrush I guess people are more divided about that. But wow! The finished kit in those pictures looks really good! Very nice job! :)
    You get me so excited to try airbrushing myself, ahaha! But I barely have time to work on cosplay and it's been almost a year since I touched the GK I am working on now (it's this one btw, 90% finished or so,but I have big plans for the base, which is holding me off: ITEM #12274 )

    I can't believe I finally got to reply you! these three weeks were probably the worst for me for quite some time. I think I can't remember what I did last week, at all. There was so much going on I guess it's been quite an overload.

    I actually solved the trouble of buying paints online. I buy basic colors and then mix them to my own liking. You only need 5 - yellow, blue, red, black and lots of white :3
    I always get mixed feeling about pre-mixed hues. Those are not mine...

    Most cities in Russia are quite far from each other. They get more rare in the Eastern part, too. Lots of little villages, though. I think it's about 30000 locations total? Maybe some more.

    As for kit scale, I think 1/12 is fine. It really pops with all the details you can add and it can be painted very quickly (which is a bonus!)

    1/4 is scary indeed. But at such big surface you can add a lot of subtle details and it just stands there looking awesome!

    I still prefer shading with pastels because my aim is a bit off with an airbrush. I get better gradually - at least I see where it goes now but still nowhere near enough painting fine lines in corresponding crevices. A very interesting experience, though!

    Give it a try, you can paint galaxies on wings in several simple layers, how cool is that!

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i37.servimg.com/u/f37/18/70/79/49/_mg_6433.jpg
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15783554Yeah, so annoying, urgh! But the movies are very stand-alone. You don't need any knowledge from previous Code Geass series to understand what is going on. I guess you would like it more than I do, because of the annoyances I had lol.
    Annnnnnnnnnd I've watched S1 of Iron Blooded Orphans, yay! :D I liked it a lot! I actually expected myself to become a Mika-fan (as he looked like the type I would normally like), but I didn't! I did became a huge fan of Orga, though. He's very admirable! <3 But I couldn't stop thinking the whole time when Orga would go out on the battlefield "Damn, Tekkadan would be screwed if Orga dies, they don't have any other person that is a good strategist!"
    Also Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker are the most amusing names in anime I have heard in a while, ahah!
    The series reminded me a lot of the build-up of Arslan Senki (of which I also only have watched S1 so far), so I would recommend Arslan to you if you are interested in strageic likewise (but medieval setting) battles. :)

    I love Mikaaaaa, he's really a fascinating character. But Orga is so charismatic and cool I agree! Ahh, yes Orga takes a lot of risk with himself just running out to battle on the little mobile worker. The second season is currently airing and it takes place 2 years after the first which is interesting because a lot has changed with Tekkadan's place in the world. But Mika and Orga are still so in love of course
    Oooh, I'll add it to my list!
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15878393Thanks for the friend request! :D
    You have a very cute collection~!
    I see you also like horror movies and games, nice! :D You don't have any merch related to it, though? You should also get the Chris (RE) Nendoroid! :D

    Thank you for accepting :D
    You have a huge collection compared to mine *___* It's really a plesure for my eyes.

    I have just Annabelle and Chucky dolls for now, but I am definitely planning on expanding my horror collection :D I have started collecting just one year ago and I'm going slowly :)
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15829616That's so nice to hear! <3 I always really like it when the items I sell end up with other collectors. ^^ I noticed this item being rare, which is why I put it up on eBay as rare items seem to sell there quicker than other website.
    That other music box is also nice! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that newer one is easier to get, right? As far as I know it was released in bigger quantities.
    I knew it had to be a fan, because of the quick payment I received, haha! Btw, I used to be a huge CCS fan, but have decided to let go (a part of) my CCS collection. If you're looking for anything specific, let me know and I can tell you if I have it! I've also been thinking of selling my bigger CCS figures, but the international shipping will probably be very high for them (just like the music box >.<), so maybe I'm better off if I try to sell those locally.
    Oh~ It's nice you read some of them! I'm bursting with ideas for new blogs, but so little time! :( I hope I can make and upload more soon! I'm also working on a blog for my Lilith Aensland cosplay, in a similar style as the Chi-Chi one, you'll probably like it then! ^^

    Ah I see. I was wondering why you were selling much harder items to find/get on eBay than on MFC owo;.

    The newer music box was easier to get two years ago when I saw it as $60-$80 but around that time, I used to be more logical with my spending. After collecting for awhile...whoops I lost some screws here & there haha! So I came back to see the music box & now it went to $160 on Amazon & $200 on eBay oAo!

    Ah darn owo; I tried not to be so quick haha! Collecting CCS made me fell back in love with the series after buying Sakura nendoroid (brings me so much ostalgia qwq).Currently, I don't have any specific CCS items in mind, though Im curious to see your CCS collection, but I don't want to take too much of your time ><.

    I hope you can find some time! & also time to relax. Please don't stress qwq. Many & I will be patiently waiting to see it! Also you make such a pretty Lilith!
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15844729Oh, that's nice! A showcase to display figures in you mean, right? :) And food is always good, hehe!

    yes it looks like a detolf, just with black metal, also from ikea, and more stable, still not best, but what to get for that price, ...
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    Maakie (1 vuotta sitten) #15715628Nog wat leuks gekocht of iets bijzonders gedaan?
    Als ik zelf ga, zou ik heel graag naar één van de figurefestivals (GK of commercieël) willen gaan en/of Disneysea. :)

    ITEM #214200
    ITEM #144750
    ITEM #431456
    ITEM #431455

    Plus nog een paar kleine souvenirs voor anderen.
    Er is te veel om mee te nemen XD
    Ik zou het land niet meer uit kunnen dan ( niet dat dat erg is :D )

    Er was helemaal niks gaande toen ik er was helaas.
    Maar het ging ook niet alleen daar om, natuurlijk.
    Heb verschillende plaatsen bezocht, te veel gedaan om op te noemen.

    Het is zeker weten een aanrader om daar heen te gaan, los van alle geekery :D
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