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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24548451I have a twitter... I use for nothing except to retweet promo stuff. X'D But I guess it has a DM feature so maybe it might be good to converse there? Not sure if there is a word limit though.
    YES ABOUT THE RELATABLE-NESS (is that a word let's make that a word). It's the whole reason I love Yuuri so much. It's a bit weird to say this about an anime character I think, but I don't care- I'm going to say it anyway. X'D I felt like I grew with him as a person as the series progressed. People who say it's just another typical shounen-ai/fanservice anime can't be any more wrong. This series is much deeper than that. Yuuri is much deeper than that. With all his struggles and how he viewed himself and how he overcame not only the skating competition, but also his internal war with himself just made me see myself in him. Yuuri really gives me hope, because even if he didn't win the grand prix in the end, the fact that he came that far in only a matter of what, a few months, a year? meant that he really matured and grew. And I love that.
    I think everyone has the same opinion about Toy's Works Victor, actually. At this point, he looks so bad that I don't even want to see what they will do with Yuuri -.-;;; I am waiting for him to be released and to tank like no tomorrow. I remember what happened with Pulchra's Levi a couple years ago- he was so bad I saw him being sold for $20 at one anime site, though I don't remember which X'DDD
    I was actually also about to pre-order MH's Victor. Maybe I will, actually. He looks like gold compared to Toy's Works Victor. X'DDD
    GSC is god at this point, I swear. I love how they're releasing so many versions of the main trio. I would love it tbh if they released nendos of my other favorite skaters too (Sleazy Perv Chris, Inflated Ego JJ, The One with the Cute Dog Seung -- Lol this is how I personally refer to them), but I don't mind that they are releasing like 9000 versions of Yuri and Victor. Keep them coming, GSC. Keep them coming. My wallet and bank account are yours. =v=
    I would only buy Yurio if they decide to release Otabek too. I don't like either of them on their own, but I love both of them together. Not as much as Vikturi obviously but. The love is there X'D
    Confession time: I bought the whole set of nendoroid suits precisely and only for Victor to use. X'DDDDD Now that they're releasing a coach version of him I kinda regret it but. Until coach Victor is released, he will be changing into any of those suits in the set that I got for him while he watches over Yuuri practice his skating. =v=
    ONE MORE DAY. I can't wait to get my gae. <3

    (Sorry for the late-ish reply! I got a new puppy recently and he's been keeping me very busy X'D haha~)

    I use my Twitter for basically the same thing XD And I've got no idea if there is a word limit with the DM feature, I don't use it enough.

    Completely 100% agree with everything you said! In a way I think Yuuri made me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. Honestly if people still think YOI was just another fanservice anime then I don't think they were watching the same show I did. The writing was impeccable and the blossoming relationship between Yuuri and Victor was done so flawlessly I fail to see how that could be classified as 'fanservice'.

    I'm still clinging to the hope they might fix his face T u T but I feel like that's a hollow dream. I fear for Yuuri's poor scale, I love his FS outfit so I'm going to be really sad if they make a mess of his face too. It's hard to say if Victor will hit the bargain bin, honestly all signs point to that but given it's Victor and YOI fans are pretty crazy when it comes to merchandise, who knows o.O;;
    I instantly felt better about pre-ordering MHs Victor once I saw Toy's Works Victor. At least MH Victor's face doesn't look like it was hit with a frying pan.

    All hail GSC. They can take my money any day if they keep releasing YOI figures X'D I think it would be a missed opportunity if they don't make a few of the other skaters. While I personally wouldn't buy them I know a lot of them have fairly sizable fanbases who would appreciate it :)

    Honestly, if they don't make an Otabek Nendo they may as well be crazy. If people buy Yurio I could almost guarantee them those people would buy Otabek too X'D It'll be interesting to see. As far as I'm concerned though; give me ALL the Yuuri and Victor Nendoroids, haha~

    The desire to put Victor in an office lady suit is strong X'D lol I foresee many amusing photos coming up this month featuring Nendo Victor in a skirt and Nendo Yuuri freaking out about how good Victor looks. It shall be done! I plan on treating the suits just like some kind of formal attire, not so much coaching so I regret nothing~ lololol I just hope when GSC announce Coach Victor's design he has his coat on, a plain suit might be a bit lacklustre.

    Have you got your adorable Yuuri now?
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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24527738Maybe it might be a bit weird having this conversation on the profile page for everyone to see, but. Hey, we gotta work with what we have (unless you have some other way/social media/social meessaging app you wanna use? I'm open to that too!) XD
    I'm more of a Yuri bias because he is literally my most favorite character of all time, but Vikturi has also definitely consumed my life TuT Honestly, I have done nothing this past summer except re-watch over and over the 'engagement' scene and the 'kiss' scene lol. I must have rewatched it so many times I can actually hear (and I've almost memorized) the Japanese audio lolololol.
    There's one issue I wanted to discuss with a fellow YoI fan, actually. How do you feel about Toy's Works' Victor? To me it just seems so... Idk. But I don't like him. ;; Seriously, what is up with these companies releasing subpar Victors? HIS BEAUTY IS NOT CAPTURED PERFECTLY I only really liked (and pre-ordered) Koto's Victor. And I am praying and hoping SOMEONE would release Yuri. I don't mind Victor at all, I am extremely fond of him, but. Hey figure companies, Yuri is the main main chara, yanno, ? ToT With all the Victors being released you'd think the show is called Victor!! on Ice LOL
    Also, did you manage to pre-order the limited edition (Free Skate version) of the Yuri nendoroid from GSC? :D The moment pre-orders opened I jumped right onto ordering him. X'D

    I've got a Twitter and a Tumblr if you'd prefer one of those, but no messaging app unfortunately xD

    Out of the two, I'd have to say I'm more partial to Yuuri as well XD I adore them both, and how beautifully their relationship was played out but Yuuri is definitely a very relatable character. I still squeal internally whenever I even think about that 'kiss' scene xP the engagement scene though, I can still remember first watching it and literally just saying 'omg it's happening. it's actually happening' over and over again, I think I might have even teared up out of joy.

    Toy's Works Victor makes me both incredibly angry and also really sad because god damn Toy's Works you had one damn job and you ruined his face >:( I have MegaHouse Victor ordered, at least his face isn't too bad and there is a matching Yuuri planned so that's a plus. I do rather like Kotos Victor and if they announce a Yuuri to go with him I'd pre-order him in a heart beat. But until then, I'll admire him from afar :'D And yeah, why so many Victor scales? I really hate how neglected Yuuri is in the scale department. I know Victor is the most popular character in Japan (apparently) but come on. Like you said, it's Yuri!!! On Ice not Victor!!! On Ice.

    At least GSC/OR have got us covered with the Yuuri Nendoroids! Dear lord I hope the scales are announced soon T u T And I pre-ordered FS Yuuri's Nendoroid as soon as the clock ticked over as well! I wasn't taking any chances and missing out XD haha~ the site was running so slow I think a lot of people must have had the same idea. I'm super excited for his casual Nendoroid a well, he's going to be adorable and of course Coach Victor too.
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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24535593Oh wow, that is actually super helpful! Thanks so much. I might try my hand at repairing my figure then. The addition of the makeshift chains really make the figure pop! Genius :D

    Yeah took maybe a couple hours to do. Make sure you drill deep enough in if you don't it will wooble, but be careful with the gun. Here are some pictures of the actual pins, and holes drilled. imgur.com/a/S9T...
    Hope this helps.
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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24534943Hey there! I saw your post on ITEM #25218 and I am curious how you repaired your figure. Honestly mine is so broken it's beyond repair lol. But I really want to see what ahe looks like after your repairs, so could you possibly post some pictures? Thanks a lot :'D

    So mine had two broken pegs the one going into the two floating rocks and the once from the cannon into the rocks.

    Those are the pictures of it with the new pins in place. They are metal so they won't break. And the last is what she looks like. I learned to do this from working with garage kits, because the resin needs these to hold its weight.
    I did use to thick of a wire for the bottom one which is why it shows, but it is hardly noticeable.
    Glue isn't strong enough which is why I did what I did.
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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24471813Can we like be friends because honestly you are the best and also the worst in terms of torturing your wallet Viktuuri fan I know and anyone like that is alright in my book
    Very, VERY alright ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Also I need someone to fangirl with my best friend doesn't like Yuri on Ice I am considering breaking ties with her LOLOLOLOL

    I've become numb to the screams of my wallet, lol xD And thanks, Victor and Yuuri have definitely consumed my life. No regrets xP

    Any fan of Victor or YOI in general for that matter is a friend of mine!

    None of my friends watch YOI either T u T Though I don't speak with them much these days so having someone to fangirl with over YOI would be awesome :D FR accepted!
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    Hi!Thank you! just accepted your FR ;) gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #24211604Hey there! sent you an FR to help me keep track of the people I buy from. Thanks a lot! :D
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    Thanks for leaving feedback! Sorry, meant to get back to you sooner!
    Great communication and prompt payment. Good buyer and friendly person in general <3
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    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #23524649Hey there! Thanks for the FR! :D
    Hey! =D Saw your photos n blog n noticed we had a few similar interests so i thought i'd send you a f/r
    Nice to meet you =D (Thanks for accepting the f/r =D )
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    Super nice buyer and quick to pay. Very pleasing to deal with and recommended for any sellers :)
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    Rajke Ca fanatic
    gwendal738-2 (1 vuotta sitten) #21543853Omg you're a Love Live fan too? :D who's your best girl from Muse and Aqours? Mine is Maki and You. <3
    Did you get into them because of the game or the anime? I am ashamed to admit I got into LL because of the game. Ive never watched an episode of the anime. XP

    I got into it because of the enthausiasm of some other anime/manga fans. I watched the anime and i think it is pretty good. My favorite Muse girl is Maki. She is shy but realistic. By aqours it is Yoshiko. I have a weakness for characters that are cute and have creepy stuff at the same time. For example: Cooking with the whole aqours gang and making good looking food and then there is Yoshiko with her dish 'Tears of a fallen angel'. This kind of actions she has in the whole series and that's what i like about her.
    Watching the anime is worth the effort. The only part i didn't like was the part in the movie when Muse started to talk in english.
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